Do you know the fact that sleeping positions of the cats are the way to determine their health status? You should not ignore the cat sleeping position when sick as they want to show you that it’s something wrong with them. Here are a few of the sleeping postures of your feline to guess if they are suffering from any health problems.

Examine the Sleeping Position of Your Cat

You know the fact that you can quickly determine the condition of the cat’s sleeping position when sick. They perhaps also send you many signals if they do not feel well. Even you should also know the fact that the sleeping duration of the cat is not fixed. Many of the domestic cats can sleep around 16 hours a day. Many cats are sleepy in nature, and they tend to relax by acquiring various positions and postures. It is not easy to determine their health according to their sleeping area.

If you see them sleeping in an unusual manner consider the below essential facts –

1. Your Cat Sleeping on Its Side

Perhaps when you notice that your cat wants to relax by sleeping on their sides, it’s probably not a good signal. They are likely facing some difficulties or in some sort of discomfort. If your cat usually sleeps in such a posture, it’s not a big deal; otherwise, something is wrong in them. Many cats generally sleep by their sides when they witness some pain. That can be either in their paws or in their stomach. So, it is advised to take care of your feline as soon as you observe such conditions.

2. Your Cat Likes to Coagulate Like a Ball

Many cats use to sleep in such a way to avoid distraction and to achieve peaceful sleep.

On the other hand, one should also be aware of the fact that if a cat is facing some health problems, she might sleep similarly. As a cat owner, you have to make yourself aware of the condition of your feline. Usually, in such cases, they feel a rise in their body temperature, and they sleep in such a way as we cover ourselves by a blanket.


3. Your Cat Sleep On its Belly

Usually, a cat will rarely choose to sleep with their stomach facing upwards if they are planning for a good nap. But in the case when you notice them sleeping in such positions, they might have problems with their paws and their tails. When a cat tucks their claws or their tails, they try to keep them warm and upside. Such a position is also called as a loaf position.

On the other hand, if the lies with their belly facing upwards it suggests that they are secure in their home and trust you.

4. Cat Sleeping Flat On Side

If you are still wondering about the cat sleeping position when sick. One way to guess their health is to check that if they are sleeping flat on their sides. You must know the fact that the side sleeping position of your cat does not mean that it is sick. This posture usually suggests that they are happy and have filled up their stomach and wants a peaceful sleep. There are many reasons for cats to follow such sleeping habits, the common one is –

  • It makes the breathing of your cat easier in case they are struggling for fresh air
  • They avoid their muscular pain or even relax their knee joints while sleeping in such a position
  • Some cats also maintain their body temperature with the help of the attached floor by exposing their soft skin

5. Cat Sleeping With Other Cat

The maximum of the cats prefers to sleep alone even they share their home with other cats. It is due to their nature, and they try to remain alone in their predefined area. But there are exceptions in such cases when they are siblings and grew up together. Many times, cats also sleep cuddling each other to share their body heat to keep themselves warm, it’s normal.

The main factor you have to consider is that they complete their full sleep and are active and energetic the next day. They get familiar with them and like to sleep with them. But when you witness that your cat likes to sleep a fellow cat that is new to them, it might suggest that your cat is unwell.

Such co-sleeping suggests that the fellow cat wants to keep them safe from any problems if the other one might doze off. Such insecurities of the cat usually indicate their weakness and perhaps suffering from some health problem.

6. Cat Sleeping In Box

Typically, cats do not like an open place to sleep; she prefers to sleep in darkness and confined space. Shoe boxes and other types of the box are their favorite choice. They will even regret it if you offer them an expensive bed to avoid them sleeping in your tables. The best you can do to place some blankets and some pillows on the place where your cat loves to sleep, it is ultimately their normal behavior.

The Exact ways To Determine Your Cat’s Health

The sleeping position of your cat can give you some hint regarding their health. But they are not wholly accurate. So, to confirm the health condition of your cat, one has to observe some other behaviors as well. One of the primary symptoms is losing of activeness and alertness of your cat. Sleeping with their mouth open regularly and witness problems in breathing. They may also lose their appetite and tends to become weak and inactive. In case you see such symptoms in your cat, it is better to take them to the vet regardless of their sleeping postures.

Also, remember the fact that sick if your cat does not sleep at night, they might be hungry, they wake up their owner at any time of the night to feed them. If your cat feels bore and wants a human company, they also witness the same sleeping disorder.

Changes in Their Habits :

Cats are known to be a creature of habits. You will understand their behavior and also when they suddenly start acting weird. Some possible symptoms that your feline can show are –

  • Meowing and Yowling a lot than usual in the night
  • Wandering around the home restlessly
  • Changes in their eating habits

Bad Breathe :

If you feel that your cat is generating bad breathe or a strange smell. It is the signal that your cat is facing some health problems.

Other Factors :

In case you feel that your cat is not interested in eating or in playing and it seemed to lose its weight, then it’s something wrong with them. Apart from cat sleeping symptoms, these are also one of the indicative measures that your cat gives when they are not in their best position.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) You May Have

These are some of the common questions that nearly all the cat owners have in their minds. All such queries are important too; if one wants to determine the health conditions of your feline.

Q1: How do cats lay when sick?

Ans: Cats when sick lie quietly and sleeps in an abnormal position than in their regular days. The cat likes to purr when they are energetic and happy. An ill cat does not produce any sounds and wants to alone. They also refuse to lie on their sides if they have any breathing difficulties.

Q2: What can one identify from a cat’s sleeping position?

Ans: A cat’s sleeping position can give you many hints about their health. If they sleep in their box, or over another cat, or lie flat, all such indications indicate different health problems they are facing. It is good to consult a vet if you find such symptoms.

Q3: What are the symptoms of a cat dying?

Ans: A cat who is about to die do not eat or drink. They usually lose all their strength and walk in a lean manner. They do not socialize with people and keep it hidden. You may also notice degradation in their skin and furs when they are about to die.

Q4: Why is my cat sleeping with her head down?

Ans: Some cats feel comfy to sleep with their face down, especially when they get cold. They try to cover up their nose and feet with their head down. In this way, they keep their nose warm.

Q5: Do cats makes a purr sound when they are sick?

Ans: No, cats do never purr when they are facing some health problems. Purring is the sound when a cat produces when they are happy.

Q6: Can cats tell when you’re sick?

Ans: Many researchers have said that a cat can detect your health symptoms. They can easily find out whether you are suffering from cough, cold, and fever. Many experts have also said that some particular breeds of cats can also detect migraine, cancer, and even knows when you are in stress or a bad mood.

The Final Verdict

I hope now you are familiar with the cat sleeping position when sick and also must have to learn about sick cat symptoms. As cats cannot speak likes humans but can show their troubles through other forms. It’s your duty as a pet owner to help them out in such conditions.

So, in such behavior of your cat, make sure to take them to your vet, and sort out their problems.