Do you know that recent studies have proved the benefits of oregano oil for your pets? In case you have a dog and want to know is oregano oil safe for dogs, you are definitely on the right page.

Oregano oil has several healing properties; the only thing one can safely use oregano oil for dogs who are suffering from infections, ear mites, or some other types of canine illnesses. The only thing one must know is how to use them for your lovely dog.

Overview of Oregano Oil           

We all know that oregano is an Italian herb and is commonly used in cooking to enhance the taste of your dish. But if we make such oregano in concentrated form, it can easily be used as an herbal supplement. Oregano essential oils possess a much stronger concentration of oregano in them.

Oregano oil is available in several forms, even as pills and capsules. They all contain dilute oregano oil within them. The capsules are made to take orally, while one can also cut it and apply it to the skin. The oil in such capsules is pre-mixed with a carrier oil and hence is safe to use directly.

Side effects of oregano oil in humans include nausea, vomiting, and gastric distress. So it is essential always to use oregano in diluted form. One should never apply such oil near the eyes or on broken skin. If you see symptoms such as muscle pain, fatigue, vertigo, headache after using oregano oil, contact your doctor immediately.

Why Oregano Oil?

The reason behind is oregano oil safe for dogs are the properties of this particular oil. Oregano oils possess antiviral, anti parasites, and anti-bacterial properties. Oregano oil or oil of the oregano is already diluted with the help of carrier oil. But care should be taken to use this properly and buying such oil which is of good quality. One should also know oregano oil for dogs dosage too.

Oregano can be applied orally, diffused, or even topically; the only thing one has to make sure that it has to be in diluted form. Oregano contains two leading compounds that make them such a powerful healer, and they are Thymol and Carvacrol. They both can destroy several harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

What Oregano Oil is Used For?

Now you know the answer to is oregano oil safe for dogs. You must be wondering to know when to use oregano oil for dogs. Here are a few of the problems in dogs when you can use oregano oil as a healer.

  • Ear mites and Candida (a type of yeast infection)
  • Giardia and Salmonella
  • E Coli and Staphylococcus
  • You can even add oregano oil in the toothpaste of your dog to enhance their oral health

Oregano Oil for Pet Use (Dosage and Procedures)   

In the case of topical application like in fungal skin, you have to mix a drop of oil and mix it with a teaspoon of carrier oil. Coconut oil and Olive oil are the best examples of carrier oil. When you want to give oregano oil orally for your dog, the quantity of carrier oil should be three teaspoons. You can also consult your vet as the dosage may change from the condition and breed of your dog.

It is also possible to prepare oregano oil by yourself at your home. For this, you have to mix dry oregano of excellent quality to a half-ounce of olive oil. Let the mixture set for two days and then dilute it with some carrier oil.

Important Tips to Buy Oregano Oil :

In case you are planning to buy an oregano oil for your dogs, make sure to ask the below mention questions from the storekeeper – 

  • For how long is the company is running this business
  • Have they any experience regarding using their products on their own animals
  • Do they help in consumer education or are just merely a middleman
  • In general weather the company supply other types of oil that are used for animals
  • Does the manufacturer company of oregano oil does the chromatography test of the finished product or any such quality assurance test
  • You should also know the fact that it is essential that oil of oregano should consist of 60% to 75% of carvacrol
  • Any of their active customer’s reviews


Side Effects of Oregano Oil

Sometimes it happens that the oregano oil you used for dogs was not properly diluted. In such conditions, you can see some of the side effects on your dogs. In case you notice any irritation on the skin of your dog, stop the dosage, and take a veterinarian help. Make sure never to use such oil on the genitals, nose, and eyes of your pet. Do not add essential oil in their food and cases when you are dealing with puppies that are below ten weeks.

Some other Herbs that are good for Dogs


Besides oregano oil, several herbs are found useful to improve the health of your dog. Some are –

Rosemary: They are suitable for dogs and contain a high amount of calcium, iron, and vitamin B6. Rosemary even acts as an oxidant to counter the free radicles of our body.

Basil: Basils are also effective in fighting diseases and keeping our bodies healthy. They can be used both by humans and your pets. We all know that basils play an important role in enhancing the taste of the diseases, but they also have anti-microbial, antioxidants, and antiviral properties. You can feed the leaves directly to your dog if he is suffering from cold, cough, and indigestion problems.

Parsley: Everone knows about parsley, and it is often used for garnishing our dishes. They are rich in flavonoids, vitamins, and antioxidants. They also contain carotenes and lycopene that are essential to maintain your dog’s health. Leaves of parsley can directly be offered to the dog as it has no side effects. You should also note that spring parsley that belongs to the carrot family are toxic to dogs as it contains a high amount of furanocoumarin. 

Many of the herbs can be served to them directly after washing the. You can also use such herbs by adding to their food. The antioxidants and flavonoids present in such herbs improve the immune system of your dog to fight from various diseases. Such diseases commonly occur due to aging as the immune system of the dogs degrades in adult dogs. There are some herbs that come in the form of concentrated oil. For those, you have to dilute them before you apply or offer to your dogs.

Tincture and many such types of oils are available in many health stores. It is best if you use fresh or dry herbs as such premade oils are very concentrated, and one has to be careful while using them. Make sure that such herbs are not too old before you give them to your pets as they lose their nutritive value. Sometimes its also better to check the blood sample of your dog to find out for ill effects of herbs on them.


Can I use Oil of Oregano on my dog?

Yes, you can use oregano oil for your dog, but make sure that it is in diluted form. Make sure that if your dog develops any irritation in their skin, stop using such oil, and contact your vet.

How long can I use oregano oil?

It can take more than several weeks for your pet to feel healthy again. But make sure you provide the oregano to your pet in a limited amount and in diluted form.

Does oregano oil has the ability to kill salmonella?

Yes, oregano oil can effectively kill salmonella.

What is a natural antibiotic for a dog?

Oregano oil, if mixed with coconut oil, can act as a natural antibiotic. Such natural antibiotic has the capability to fight from several bacterial and fungus infection. Some other examples of natural antibiotics are manuka honey, garlic, onions, and Echinacea. Make sure to consult your vet regarding their proper usage.

What can I give my dog for an infection?

There are four major types of microorganisms that can cause harm to your pet’s body. These are viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and fungi. At first, your vet determines the type of microorganism after diagnosis. Once he identifies the problem, he can give the following medication

  • For respiratory, urinary and skin infection- Baytril
  • For wounds and respiratory infection- Clavamox
  • For gastrointestinal upsets- Flagyl
  • For dental, bone, and soft tissue infection- Antirobe

Which other essential oil is bad for dogs?

Cinnamon oil, citrus, peppermint, pennyroyal, sweet birch, tea tree, ylang-ylang are such essential oil that is toxic for dogs.

The Final Words

Finally, I hope that now you are well aware regarding is oregano oil safe for dogs. You have also known the dosage, and it has to be always used in diluted form.

In cases when you do not see any improvement or side effects in your dogs, it is better to contact your vet rather than experiment ting alone. Oregano oil has the full capability to cure the problem of your dog, but one has to use them wisely.