To some people, losing a pet is a gutting experience than losing a human. It traumatizes them to the point that nothing can help them heal quickly. Putting a dog to sleep with Benadryl is no doubt the hardest moment you can contend with as a pet owner.

It’s something that doesn’t come to your mind when picking a beautiful puppy at a store to be your companion in life. Even if you selected your lovely pup from a litter, you never considered that a time would come when you part ways.

The death of a dog is painful, whether it’s natural or a tragic incident. It can get worse when it’s your turn to eliminate an animal that has never betrayed you in life. The process may be successful but the trauma it will leave you with, may make you feel like taking your own life.


This article is only serving for educational purposes, and you should therefore not try it at home. It’s also important to accept your position as a pet keeper and not as a professional to significant steps like this one.

The whole exercise could backfire, and you won’t have an idea of what to do next in such a scenario. It’s also worth noting that it’s a life you’re dealing with and your empathy for animals may make you fail after initiating the process. 

This is a Medical Procedure to euthanize your pet and we encourage you that should be discussed with your veterinarian before giving Benadryl or any medicine to a pet.

Why take this route? 

After spending six or ten years with your dog, you will feel the pain of watching your pet die slowly as it suffers from never-ending excruciating pain. The suffering of your pet may ignite you to take some action for your dog to rest in peace with some dignity.

Though it’s not the best way to end your pet’s life, many pet owners find the route easy because its cost is low. Putting a dog to sleep with the help of a vet could consume approximately $400 on the sad occasion. It’s the reason why pet owners opt to handle on their own.

Putting a dog to sleep with Benadryl is gaining momentum as a painless way to send a pet to final rest. Dogs that are experiencing some irritating health condition or aging dogs are ideal candidates for the ritual.

Proponents of putting a dog to rest with Benadryl argue that the pets would still die after enduring agonizing pain. They insist that their main motive is to see their pet bow to life with some decency in a planned departure.

Critics of the process have challenged the owners to take the same step with their life whenever they are ill. They argue that no one should take away any live and that death should be natural.

Why the choice of Benadryl? 

All medicines are potential poisons; it all depends on how you use them. Generally, Benadryl is an Over-the-counter drug that’s used to alleviate certain health conditions. Benadryl has antihistamine effects that help to treat seasonal allergies, allergic reactions, and watery eyes in dogs. It’s also handy when treating itches and pains that come from bites and stings.

The outcome that Benadryl puts on your dog entirely depends on the dose you use. For medical reasons, administer a dosage of 1mg per pound of the body mass three times a day. However, administer three times the said dose if you have the intention of euthanizing your pet.

It’s not the only Benadryl that performs the role of mercy killing in pets, insulin and Tylenol have both sent dogs into a coma, consequently to their death. It’s the dose that makes the difference in all these medicines.

What to do before settling on putting a dog to sleep with Benadryl  

It’s one of those decisions that you’ll find challenging to make. The idea will keep haunting you even before you implement it. But…Hey! We have to face it that our pets were going to leave us for good at some time.

It calls for real courage to take away the life of your own pet and save it from misery in the process. It will hurt that you’re planning to meet such action on an animal that has walked with you consistently and licked your face when you’re depressed.

The measure should come when your dog’s condition has degenerated to the point that it does not want to take the meals. Also, when your dog has lost interest in the usual things like playing with toys and accompanying you for walks, then you should consider administering a humane way of eliminating it.

It makes sense springing into the idea before your pet becomes too tired and unable to walk or move around. Usually, you need to give the dog at least a week to monitor if the condition will change. During the waiting period, you should also rethink your decision.

If possible, visit your vet and share your sentiment with the expert. Combing the vet’s perspective with your idea and make the decision from there. It’s advisable to spoil your pet with good things as you anticipate your deadline to elapse. The idea is to make your last time with the pet memorable.

Among the things you can spoil your pet with are :

  • Take the dog to places
  • Give your pet its favorite meals
  • Spend some solitary moment with the dog
  • Be very close to the pet

When it got to the time that the dog is unable to walk, it could be the time to end its life. Visit your vet for counsel and if he agrees, send your dog to rest with dignity.

The occasion can either be silent or you can make it a ritual for it to remain memorable. Put all the toys associated with the dog and light candles that correspond to its age. If possible, treat your pet with the music that it used to like when still living with zest.

Remember, remain quiet with your intention because the practice may be illegal where you stay. Burying of a pet can either be silent or ceremonious, it all depends on how you want it to be.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s) You May Have

The topic won’t be complete without your favorite section-FAQ. Here, we have sampled some of the questions that our readers have sent to us. As usual, we have offered a short remedy to each of the situations.

Can you put your dog down on a Benadryl?

Of course, yes. It’s one of the proven humane ways to relieve your pet permanently from its unfortunate condition. Besides, the route is cheap.


How much Benadryl do I give a dog to put it down?

There’s no uniform dosage for all dogs in this action. The dosage depends on the bodyweight of the pet. However, you’ll have to administer three times the dose that you give for treatment reasons.

Can you put a dog down with sleeping pills?

As we have already pointed it out, all medicines are potential life-takers depending on the dose you use. Acepromazine Telazol powders are some examples of sleeping pill anesthetics.

How long can it take Benadryl to make a dog sleepy?

As already mentioned, the treatment dosage for Benadryl is usually 1mg three times a day per pound of the dog’s body. A single dosage remains effective in dogs for 8-12 hours for the dog will be sleepy for that period.

Can too much Benadryl kill a dog?

As common with nearly even medicine, anything above the normal dosage brings more complications that even result in death. Too much Benadryl when used deliberately, is euthanasia for dogs.

Is Benadryl or Zyrtec better for dogs?

Both are antihistamine medication for dogs with an allergic condition. In many cases, the two drugs are used interchangeably. The good part with Zyrtec is that it isn’t associated with drowsiness the way Benadryl does.


Whoever came up with the phrase ‘Dog- man’s best friend’ was to the point. Humans and dogs are inseparable, and each compliments the next. Unlike cats, which are attached to locations, dogs are attached to human owners.

The unity between your dog and you won’t last forever because the two of you will have to part ways at some point in life. We have never cared for how our dogs suffer emotionally when we die before them, but at least we’ve shown our commitment to save our pawed friend from unending pain.

Most pet owners have shown their concern for their dogs, especially when the pets are in pathetic health. Since hiring a vet to execute the action is expensive, most dog owners have opted to put their dogs to sleep with Benadryl. The practice isn’t easy because the dog owner will be at pain while struggling to cope without the lovely pet. Whatever you do, make sure that you remain within the legal framework, and your pet shouldn’t suffer further pain due to your negligence.