Have you ever heard about such cats that are a replica of the werewolf? Such cats are called Lykoi, and this particular breed is not for everybody. Werewolf cat breed often took an interest in many publics regarding its emergence, history, and personality.

In this article, you will get to know more about these long hair werewolf cat breeds. You may get answers to various questions regarding them too. So, let’s begun –

History of Werewolf Cat Breed

The Lykoi cat, also called as werewolf cat is quite a new breed of cat that was discovered in the year 2011 in the USA. Many people believe that the Lykoi cat is a result of crossbreeding with a human, which is not valid. They are a natural breed and have developed on their own.

Some Interesting Facts of Lykoi Cats You Ought to Know 


Called As Werewolf Cat :  

We have also discussed earlier that this cat is also called as a werewolf cat due to their unique appearance.

Size :

These cats fall in the category of medium-sized cat.

Weight :

The exact weight of Lykoi cats may vary from four pounds to seven pounds. A female Lykoi usually weight less than a male Lykoi cat.

Life Expectancy :

As these are new breeds of cats their exact life expectancy is not clearly defined, the prediction is made around 13-15 years

Natural Breed :

These cats are a result of natural mutation.

Appearance :

A Lykoi cat possesses a slender body with its neck slightly longer. Their hairs are unevenly distributed. Many Lykoi cats have a combination of even fur color with patches of baldness. The hair coat of these werewolf cats is silky and soft.

Lykoi Kittens :

The kittens of Lykoi are born with black fur and are evenly distributed. The changes in their fur patterns usually begin after the second week of their birth.

Facial Expressions :

These cats have a well-defined chin, large eyes together with bald whisker pads.

Personality :

These cats are of an intelligent breed that takes time to understand their environment and then proceed accordingly. They also can develop a strong bond with their masters and are quite supportive of them.

Things You Should Know Regarding Werewolf Cat Breed

These are some specific details about these Lyko cats. They will be helpful to you if you are planning to keep one such cat in your home.

Health :        

The werewolf cat breed is usually a healthy breed and rarely falls prone to illness. But as we have mentioned earlier that research on them is still under progress. According to them, it is correct to predict their lifespan around 15-30 years. But as an owner, you should take their care to make them their lifelong buddy. Apart from their feeding, you should also take care of their protection. Protection is essential as they have a lack of hair cover, especially in winter months. 

Hypothermia is one of the health issues that these cats have to face in winter conditions. Conditions of Sunburns are also common with them if not taken care of. So, it is essential to keep them warm in the winter season and also save them from sun rays during peak summer seasons. You can take them for a short walk outside but try to keep them indoor all the time. Also, make sure to avoid inbreeding of them as there are chances for genetic diseases to spread in them.

Feeding :

In the case of feeding, do not take any risks by introducing any new variety of food as research is being still carried out regarding their exact diet. You have just to make sure that the food you buy for your cat is from reputed sources. You can also consult your vet for the same. There are two varieties of food available for cats, wet foods and dry foods. Wet cat food is always preferred because it contains more moisture as compared to the other. However, you can try both types of foods alternatively.

Regarding home-cooked meals, make sure that it contains at least 70% high-quality protein from natural products. Similar to other cats, Lykoi is also carnivore and requires a high quantity protein diet for its survival and development of its muscles. Make sure that the diet does not include a higher percentage of carbs as this may overweight the cat. If you are planning to introduce something new in your cat’s diet, make sure to test them with a minimum quality at first and observe the reaction in them.

A sudden change in your cat’s diet can cause problems of indigestion. Give them food in a lesser amount and increase them gradually. As the cat gets older, he/she may become picky regarding its food.

Care :

Lykoi cats love to live in a clean environment. Thus, as an owner, make sure to provide the same for your cats by regularly cleaning their litter box and surroundings. As intelligence is in the genes of the cat, they quickly get trained to use a litter box and do not like to do their dirty business elsewhere. Make sure that the litter box is placed in such a place where they can have easy access to them.

Regarding water and food, keep them in clean dishes and provide them with fresh food and water every day. Make sure that your cat eats and drinks adequately. Also, take them to vets regularly for their generic medications. This will keep them safe from any severe disease. You have to make sure that your lovely cats get its balanced diet, adequate rest, play, and exercise daily.

Grooming :

These cats can groom by itself and do not need to be bathed regularly. In case you want to bathe them, make sure that you choose a good grade of cat shampoos for them. This is important as the human grade of shampoos can damage their soft and silky haircoat. This is because the PH level of the cats is lower than that of humans. Human shampoos are made from harsh and strong chemicals, which can cause irritation in the skin of your cat.

During bathing them, make sure you also clean their ears thoroughly by removing all the wax deposited in their ears. You can use slightly warm water and a cotton bud for this. Brush their teeth often and do not use toothpaste that is made for humans as they can cause harm in their mouth, go for any cat-grads brands of toothpaste. Always use a delicate and soft brush for this and brush them gently in the direction of the hair. Brush their haircoat for at least one to two times in a week or daily depending on the length of your cat’s fur.

In case of claws trim their nails and clean them regularly, you can also use antifungal powder if required. During the summer season, it is useful if you cover their bald patches with some sunblock to save their skin from getting burned.

Temperament :

As we have discussed earlier that Lykoi cats are brilliant cats and becomes quickly attached to their owner. They love it if their master teaches them new tricks and they learn too quite quickly. They also enjoy being a part of any sort of interactive game. These cats are also loyal to their owners, but similar to other breeds of cats like to remain alone for some time. It is good to provide them with some toys or tunnels to enjoy them during this time. They do not wish to follow their owner like some other breeds of cats. During their playtime, they are similar to dogs and love outdoor games like fetch, hide, and running types of games.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s) You May Have

What are the rarest cat breeds?

There are many rare cat breeds; some are Turkish Angora, American Bobtail, Chartreux, Korat, Havana Brown, Burmilla, and many more.

What does a werewolf cat look like?

As the name suggests, these cats look similar to the terrifying werewolf you may have seen in many movies. Their color patterns and their looks are quite similar to werewolves.

How long do Lykoi cats live?

A healthy Lykoi cat can live for 20 years. This totally depends on how well they are taken care of.

How much is a Lykoi cat?

As Lykoi cats are rare, their kittens can cost up to $2000. Their prices can also vary from color to color, for example, a blue Lykoi kitten cost about $1500 while black roan Lykoi cats can cost up to $2500.

What is cat werewolf syndrome?

Werewolf syndrome is called Hypertrichosis; in these conditions, there is a growth of excessive hairs on a person’s body. The syndrome can affect both men and women, but such situations are scarce.

Which is the most expensive breed of cat?

There are more than 13 most expensive breeds of cats; some are American wirehair- $1300, The Peterbald-$2500, Persian$3000, The Savannah-$2500, The Ashera-$125000. Among these, the Ashera cat breed is the most expensive cat.

The Final Words

To conclude, you have now acquired sufficient information regarding the werewolf cat breed. Many researchers are working till now to find more and more facts regarding this fantastic breed of cat.

So, if you finally loved and cat and have decided to be their proud master, you are good to go. These cats are fun, intelligent, and loyal.