Have you ever watched your feline eating watermelon? As a responsible owner, you may also wonder, can cats have watermelon, or is it safe for them.

We all know that cats usually come from meat-eater family then why they like a watermelon that’s just a fruit. Let us discuss why a cat prefers to eat watermelon.

Can Cats Have Watermelon and what are its Benefits?  

As a cat lover, you must be aware of the fact that Cat is picky eaters but mainly relies on non-vegetarian foods. They do spend most of the time in sleeping but follows a variety of diet all day long. Many cats like to experiment with new food offered to them by their owners. You may be surprised to know that many cats and even dogs love to eat watermelon, and the fact is, it is entirely safe for them. Such watermelon rehydrates them as they are rich in water content. So, the answer to the question regarding can cats safely eats watermelon is no doubt, yes. 

As you have also noticed that cats usually do not drink too much water, so it’s the best way to keep their body hydrated, especially in summers. Apart from this, watermelon also provides cats with vitamins C, A as well as a dietary fiber to keep them away from problems of indigestion.

Watermelon is Nutritious

Apart from being one of the delicious foods, melons are nutritious too. The fruit is rich in lycopene, and the food is made up of sugar and water. Lycopene is quite essential for bone health and also considered good for the heart.

Here are the nutrients that we get from watermelon –

  • Vitamin B1, Vitamin A (carotenoids), magnesium
  • Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Potassium
  • Pantothenic acid, Copper Biotene
  • Carotenoid lycopene and Phenolic antioxidants

The fruit has fewer amounts of potassium and minerals but quite rich in Vitamins A and C. You should also be aware of the fact that ripe watermelons are more nutritious than the unripe ones.

Low in Calories and High in Water Content

We all know that a cat comes from a hunter family that generally feed on animal meats that are high in proteins. Also, the sugar that is present in watermelons is natural, and the fact is cats cannot taste sweet. So, such low-calorie fruit is advantageous for both humans and cats.

The fruit is the best source of water, so a Cat eating watermelon. It keeps their internal organ as well as their body well hydrated, and they can easily maintain their internal body temperature in warm seasons.

Remove the Watermelon Seeds

Now, as you are aware of the fact that can cats have watermelon, there are a few precautions you have to take before offering them this delicious fruit. The seeds of the watermelon can be risky for your feline; it is similar to cyanide. If your feline accidentally chews or swallows the seeds, it can explode toxins within it that can be harmful to the health of your Cat. They might get sick or can vomit or, in the worst case, suffer from diarrhea. It can also be eliminated from his poop in the best cases. But they may also get stuck to his throat and can also cause any internal damage.

Similarly, the rind (green outer shell of watermelon) can also be harmful to them. The rind can be beneficial for us but not for the cats. The rind of watermelon cannot digest by the Cat, easily causing them problems of indigestion. So, it is suggested to eliminate this part before giving watermelon to your Cat.

Allergic Symptoms to Cat through Watermelon

Some cats do not react positively to watermelon and may generate some sort of allergic reactions if eaten. So, take care that for the first time you offer your lovely feline watermelon, give in a small amount and wait for them to process. Remember, you cannot provide them such watermelon if your Cat is diabetic. Here are a few of the symptoms that you can examine if watermelons are not suitable for your Cat.

  • Vomiting, Diarrhea
  • Indigestion, Poisoning
  • Intestinal blockage, choking
  • Internal damage

If such symptoms are seen regularly, never offer watermelon to your Cat and take them to your vet for their advice.

Frequency of Offering Watermelon to cats

Now we know that watermelons are safe for the case, but it does not mean that you can include them in your daily diet. Such melons are meant for occasional feeding only. Also, make sure that your Cat should eat only in limited amounts and does not full its stomach with melons. They are carnivores’ animals and their only meat and protein that can keep them healthy and active. Experts have said that watermelon should be added to only 10% in a cat’s diet to keep them healthy.

Other Safe Food that your Cat can have 

Sometimes it’s also good to keep such type of naughty dishes away from your Cat. Apart from watermelon, there are plenty of other eatables that your Cat can eat whenever they like.

Some of the best ones are :


As a carnivorous, it’s not necessary for the cats to have a large proportion of grains in their daily diet. But cats can have it occasionally as these food grains can also benefit their health. Many of the canned or pre-prepared food use these grains to act as a binding agent. Some of the famous ones are brown rice, flour, quinoa, and oats. Such grains provide adequate fiber to Cat.

Fruits & Vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are also good for your feline friend. They contain many vitamins, minerals, and a high amount of fiber in them. They also eliminate toxins from their body. Vegetables that cats can eat are asparagus, broccoli, green bean, winter squash, and carrots. Fruits such as honeydew, watermelon, and cantaloupe are also a good choice. But make sure as cats are carnivorous, these all eatables should be in their occasional diet.

Dairy Products

It is the fact that grown-up cats are slightly lactose intolerant. But providing them with cheese, which has a low proportion of lactose content in them, can be the right choice. A few numbers of such dairy products can maintain calcium content in their body.


It is one of the favorite foods of your feline, and you can give them whenever you like. Make sure that you do not feed them with larger breeds of fish such as tuna, swordfish, and salmon as they can cause mercury toxicity in your cats.

You can feed such feeds occasionally and in smaller amounts. The best choice is supplying them with small fishes such as cod, trout, halibut, whitefish, catfish, perch, and mackerel. In addition to natural proteins, fishes also provide essential omega-three fatty acids that promote heart, skin, and brain health to your feline.


Cooked eggs are high in protein, vitamin, phosphorus, and selenium that are important for your Cat’s health. Make sure you provide cooked eggs to your cats as raw eggs contain risk for many diseases. Make sure to consult your vet before adding eggs to your cats’ diet, as many cats are allergic to eggs.


Meat is also best for your Cat as they are naturally carnivorous animals. But make sure you always offer them cooked meat as raw meat contains several germs that may affect the health of your Cat. Make sure you also offer them such meat, which has a lesser amount of fat content in them. Eating meats with excessive fat can cause them digestion problems. They are the best sources to provide them with natural minerals, vitamins, and proteins.


Can watermelon kill cats?

No, watermelon cannot kill your Cat but make sure to remove the seeds and the rind of the melon before offering them.

What fruit can cats have?

There are plenty of foods that your cat can have, some are –

  • Apples and bananas
  • Cantaloupe and blueberries
  • Strawberries and seedless watermelon;


Why does my Cat love watermelon?

The smell of watermelon produces a scent that is similar to meat. So, any such cats who like to eat meat will also eat fruits such as watermelon, cantaloupe, and such other fruits.

Can cats have peanut butter?

It is not listed that peanut butter is poisonous for cats, but many experts say that it should be avoided for health reasons.

Can cats lick watermelon?

The watermelon gives a pleasant smell of meat to your Cat, and it’s their way to enjoy such fruit and is considered totally safe for them

What do cats love to eat the most?

There is no such particular treat that a cat will definitely like. It depends on their taste, but as the cats are meat-eaters, they prefer such foods that involve meat and its peculiar scent.


Finally, I hope that now you are aware of the fact regarding can cats have watermelon. Make sure that it is not an everyday treat for them, but it is overall necessary to keep them hydrated. It’s better than the many sugar-filled foods that you offer your Cat.

Remember to consult your vet before offering watermelons to your lovely feline, especially if they are suffering from diabetes, diarrhea, or any other health issues.