As your dog gets older or becomes seriously ill. No matter how hard you try to save them, but at last, the condition arises that you have to euthanize them. You may have many questions in mind regarding the same such as, is this right? Will, it hurt him? And, questions regarding How to euthanize a dog with Tylenol pm without any trouble. How to perform the procedure in the right way?

These are a bunch of questions you may have in your mind. Here are some details regarding euthanasia and answers to your question regarding is there a way to humanly euthanize a dog at home.


This article is only serving for educational purposes, and you should therefore not try it at home. It’s also important to accept your position as a pet keeper and not as a professional to significant steps like this one.

The whole exercise could backfire, and you won’t have an idea of what to do next in such a scenario. It’s also worth noting that it’s a life you’re dealing with and your empathy for animals may make you fail after initiating the process. 

This is a Medical Procedure to euthanize your pet and we encourage you that should be discussed with your veterinarian before giving Benadryl or any medicine to a pet.


If your animal is truly suffering, contact your vet, local animal shelter, or animal rescue.  They can put you in touch with the right person.  An animal should never have to suffer because of finances.  There is help available.

If you no longer want the responsibility of caring for a pet, there are animal shelters and rescue groups who can find new homes for unwanted animals.

Prepare Yourself 

You have been feeding, grooming, and playing with your dog for a long. You may also remember the day when he enters your life. It is definitely not easy to see them ill or in pain. But one has to prepare themselves to take this decision. You may have to think quickly and it is the best way so that it does not cause trouble for your dog as well as you. Make sure to convince your family, especially the kids for the same.

Best Ways to Euthanize Your Dog Perfectly

Here are a few proven ways by which you can euthanize your dog safely without giving them any trouble.

1.  Tylenol pm Dog Euthanasia

The name Tylenol pm sells this particular drug Acetaminophen. They are capable of reducing a natural chemical called histamine in our body. This is the best drug that can be used in euthanasia. Once you are sure enough that your dog is suffering from a serious disease that cannot be cured by any means. You also see them in pain throughout the day it’s not a bad idea to put them to sleep.

In case you’re wondering about ways regarding how to euthanize a dog with Tylenol pm here is a perfect way. Using such Tylenol pm can save your expenses and will also provide a pain-free death of your lovely buddy. All you have to do is to put your dog in some comfortable place and relax him, now give them a few shots of this Tylenol pm. In case you have a large breed of dog, they may show some aggression while you inject them. However, after some time, they will calm down.

The drug relaxes their muscles, and after some time, their heartbeat stops completely. The time of the sleep may vary according to the breed of your dog

There are several signs by which you can make out that your dog is about to die –

  • Loss in their appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Unusual vomiting
  • A disturbed body balances
  • Bad skin and unconsciousness

2.  By Using Benadryl

In case you are not satisfied with the ways regarding how to euthanize a dog with Tylenol pm, do not worry; you can also euthanize your dog by using a very famous drug Benadryl. It is one of the perfect ways for the people who cannot afford euthanasia of the dogs at a vet clinic. A problem with money perhaps gives the motivation to people to perform such a process in homes. We all know that Benadryl is a type of antihistamine drug. Giving them a few shots of Benadryl can make them witness permanent sleep. Apart from this, you can also make them overdose by using sleeping pills. Get an appointment with your vet to know all such processes in a detailed manner.

3.  By Using Sleeping Pills

Euthanasia of your dogs by using sleeping pills are increasingly gaining popularity these days. However, the killing of your dog also has some of its advantages such as –

  • These veterinarians have a comfortable place to perform the process
  • They know the exact dose and the precise location of completing the process
  • The vet cross-checks the death of your dog until he is not confirmed.
  • He also knows the ways for the removal of the dead body.

In spite of such advantages, many emotional people want to perform the procedure in their home, using sleeping pills such as Ambien. For them, they have to follow the below mention steps :

  • Prepare yourself well for the process
  • Handle your children well and make them understand the situation
  • Select the perfect place to lie down your dog
  • After this relax your dog and give him few shots of Ambien
  • Make sure you know the proper dosage and the right place where to inject it
  • Examine whether your pet is dead or not. In case you cannot confirm this, call your vet to get confirmed

4. Through Helium gas

Perhaps you find it easy to euthanize your dog with the help of Helium gas you need the perform the below mention procedure –

Gathering of Essential Supplies :

Make sure you have arranged all the equipment and a proper place to manage the process. For this, you have to put your dog in a cage/container (a must).

Handling the Equipment :

Remember to close the cage of your dog and put a plastic bag around it. Now you should attach a nozzle to the pipe into the opening of the bag. You should try to make the bag airtight with the help of tape or cable ties. Make sure that the cage in which your dog is present is covered entirely with the bag.

Opening the Gas :

Now open the cylinder containing the helium gas and try to fill the attached bag as much as you can. Leave the knob of the cylinder open to fill the cage and thus the bag completely. If possible, try to hear the leaks; if so try to cover them up too.

During Inflation :

Now, as you can see that the bag containing your dog and the cage is about to occupy its full space, you may need a second cylinder. For this, detach the nozzle from the first cylinder and attach it to the new one without disturbing the process. When you feel that the bag is completely filled, close the valve of the helium gas cylinder carefully, and secure the bag so that no gas can escape outside.

Waiting and Monitoring – The Hardest Part

Now, this is one of the most laborious procedures of the above. Your pet can bark or cry and can also lose its consciousness for the first few seconds. After a few minutes, they might not feel any pain at all. Thus, their months of suffering are finally over. But remember that they have not died yet.

They might have witness problems in performing their bodily moments for some time; this is why you do not witness any response from them. It usually takes about 30 minutes for your dog to pass away completely. In the meanwhile, you can check in between, and once you are sure, take the whole set up out.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s) You May Have

Q1: Can we give our dogs shots of Tylenol PM?

Ans: Many medicines that are made for humans that can be very dangerous for dogs. A regular tablet of 325 mg Tylenol pm can seriously harm the health of dogs weighing 14 pounds. This is perhaps the main reason that such pills are used during the euthanasia of dogs.

Q2: How many Tylenol PM does it take to kill a dog?

Ans: A single regular tablet of 325 mg is enough to kill a dog weighing 14 pounds within 48 hours. However, it’s good to consult your vet as results may vary according to the weight of the dogs.

Q3: Will Tylenol PM hurt my dog?

Ans: Such medicines that are made for human use can easily kill your dog. Giving Tylenol pm, especially over 75 mg, will damage their liver and will affect their nervous system too. Such damage cannot be cured, and after a few hours or days, they die.

Q4: Can you put your dog down with Benadryl?

Ans: Yes, you can put down a dog with Benadryl by giving them in excess than recommended. Such overdose will affect their nervous system leading to their death. This is why Benadryl is also considered as one of the best and painless ways to euthanize a dog.

Q5: How much Benadryl do I give a dog to put down?

Ans: If you have selected Benadryl as a way to euthanize your dog, you have to know that the regular recommended dose is 1 mg per pound for 2-3 times a day. To euthanize a dog, you may need to deliver thrice or more of the above dose of Benadryl. Such overdose will affect their respiratory and nervous system leading to their death. Make sure to consult your vet as the dosage may change according to the weight and condition of your dog.

Q6: Which are the best natural sedative for dogs?

Ans: The two most excellent natural sedatives for your dog are Chamomile and Valerian. They are both types of herbs and are known to provide dogs with calming supplements. Some of the others are catnip, and herb hops.

Final Thoughts

I hope that the article has provided you with an adequate amount of knowledge regarding how to euthanize a dog with Tylenol pmYou may also have understood the other related process as well. Give your family time to grieve and to handle the situation. You can even plant a tree in your garden as its memorial.

You should understand that its nature’s rule everyone who comes has to leave. As a true, you have to make sure that you do the full procedure safely and humanely.

We encourage that if anybody want to euthanize a dog or any pets, the best way is to consult a vet and get proper training regarding the whole process.