We all love cats; they are usually independent and seldom require human attention. But many of such owners often observe unusual behavior in their pet cats and want to know a definite answer to why is my cat clingy sometimes.

Some of the cats often want your attention and love. If they do not receive your admiration and love, their nature might turn into clinginess. But you as a pet owner do not worry about such conditions; many practical ways can help you to calm down the clinginess of your cat. Some of the common ones are listed below –

1. Increase Interaction with Your cat

If you ever noticed that why is my cat so clingy all of a sudden? It generally occurs when they witness a lack of attention from their owners. A few minutes of your love and attention can quickly fix such kinds of problems. Try to play games with your cat-like chasing a ball or flashing a laser light on the floor to let her chase.

In the cases when you find some troubles in your cat moving around due to lack of space, try to play such games that do not require much space. In the cases when your cat is persistently clingy it might need your serious attention and love.

2. Rewarding Your Cat

If you feel that your cat is trying to draw your attention by scratching your sofa and any of your household stuff. Or you find them rubbing them against your legs. You may need to reward them for any of their good behavior. This may increase confidence in them that their owners love and admire them. But care should be taken if the clinginess went way out of the way it should be discouraged. There are two important things that you can keep in your mind under such circumstances –

  • If your cat is performing some undesirable activities to impress you, avoid them.
  • If you feel that their behavior is normal to encourage it.

3. Try To Enter and Exit Your House Calmly

If you are wondering why my cat is suddenly clingy, the way you enter and leave the house can be the possible reason. Many of the cats often suffer from separation anxiety from their masters. If your cat meows loudly when you leave it may be a possible symptom of your cat’s clinginess behavior.

On the whole, you should take care of the following points –

  • Leave your home quietly and calmly
  • While entering your home wait for a few moments before giving attention to your cat
  • Do not take the departure from your cat too lovingly or sensitively, try to make them feel normal and part of the daily routine

Taking such steps will eventually make your cat less sensitive from being away from you hence make them less clingy.

4.  Hiring a Pet Sitter

Despite all your love and efforts, if you still feel why is my cat clingy, you can hire a good pet sitter. It usually happens when you are away from home doing your chores, your cat alone in the house feels bored. Hiring an expert pet sitter can fill their empty time with playful activities. Thus after a few weeks, you can notice positive changes in your cat’s behavior.

5.  Change of Environment 

Why is my cat clingy? Perhaps there is some problem in the environment of your home. Sometimes the clinginess of your cat is because of the boring atmosphere of your house. Such cats do not find ways to pass their time in such a boredom environment hence becoming clingy. Here are a few of the changes that you can bring in their lives and your homes for your cats.

  • Introducing them with puzzle toys
  • Toys in the form of treat-dispenser
  • Pieces of paper or empty paper bags
  • Ping pong balls

You can even arrange a treasure hunt for them, by hiding some of their favorite food at appropriate places.

6.  Introduce Them to a New Cat

Maybe your cat is clingy because she is the only pet in the house and wants a partner to play with. You may get another cat in such cases. Just remember that your cat has to be compatible with your new cat. Care should be taken of their breed and age before deciding this. Introducing incompatible cats can make their clinginess even more. Also, you have to observe how comfortable they are together.

How do I make my cat less clingy?

Cats often get clingy when they suffer from separation anxiety. These are the most common symptoms in cats. They are very protective and reactive in such cases. As they do not want to be left alone, they often show such behavior.

The main reasons for your cat to clingy are –

  • Cases when they were orphaned or abandoned
  • In case they were weaned too soon
  • Removing their littermates in their early stage

Signs Your Cats May Show

Such cats when left alone show an odd behavior. They may urinate or defecate outside of their litter box, or just hide in a closet. They may scratch your furniture or any of your valuable items. When you return to the home they would always want to be in your lap.


What to do in Such Cases?

In such cases, it is advisable to visit your vet. Vet after completing the physical examination of your cat can reach a proper conclusion. He may also take some of the basic laboratory tests to ensure its fitness and ask you some of the important questions regarding your cat. Thus, he can reach a proper conclusion whether the reasons are physical or emotional. He may then guide you further regarding the same.

Can your cat be too attached to you?

Many of the researchers come up with a different explanation for this question. Some of them say it’s their normal tendency, while the others say too much attachment of your cat towards you can cause problems. 

Reasons for Attachment of your Cat 

Connection: You are the whole world to your cat. Your cats feel secure with you and want to enjoy every moment with you. The trust bond that is developed within you and your cat cannot be replaced by some other person.

Too early Weaning of Cats: Kittens that are separated too early from their mother also show such traits in their behavior. You are the only person after their mother with whom they can feel secure.

Problems in Breed: Many breeds of cats often reflect such behavior. If the parents of the cat show such behavior, the same are induced in them. Norwegian, Siberians, Russian blues, Bengals, Forest cats, Himalayans breeds of cats often follow their parent’s behavior.

Signs Such Cats Show

These are some of the possible signs your cat may show if they are too attached to you –

  • Rubbing you and touching her forehead again and again
  • Always sitting beside, you
  • Sleeping with you
  • Lick your earlobes and hair too often

If your cat shows such behavior too often, you can consult your vet and ask them for a solution.

How do you know if your cat loves you?

Here are some of the positive signs that will prove that your cat loves you a lot –

Bringing Presents :

If you often witness that your cat brings you presents, no matter whatever they are. It symbolizes their love and affection towards you.

Staring at your eyes :

If you observe that your cat often stares at your eyes, it also proves their love for you. Many of the other symptoms that will give you an indication about the same are –

  • Showing off their belly
  • Curving their tail tip
  • Purring and rubbing against your legs
  • Following you everywhere around

Can cats detect illness in humans?

People often say that cats are one of the remarkable animals. Many people also believe that they have some hidden powers to reveal the health and mood of their masters. Many people say as they have sharp eyes and extraordinary smell powers, which perhaps give them such ability.

Can Cats Sense Your Sickness?

Studies have proved that if you are suffering from cold, your cat can easily sense this. It is due to their strong-smelling power. As soon as they detect some sort of irregularities in your body, they remain near to you as your supporter. For example, in case you are suffering from fever, they will cuddle you as they feel the warmth of your body.

Some more Things that your Cat can Sense

Cats are also expert in watching your looks and emotions. By this, they can easily sense some of the common changes in you. These are –

  • They can easily sense your mood
  • They know when you are under stress
  • They understand when you argue with your partner
  • Cats can easily detect the presence of a person outside your house

Whether such results may not be proven scientifically, but it is advised to pay attention to such responses of your cat.


Finally, the answers to why are my cat clingy can vary according to the needs of your cat. In the cases when your cat suddenly becomes clingy it can be a medical problem. Their clinginess can be quite a bit annoying also. In such cases taking them to vet for the proper examination can be helpful. Providing regular training to your cat you can change this behavior.

On the other hand, many cats are also clingy by their nature as they want to spend their time with you. So as a true cat lover, you have to devote your best time with them so that they do not feel alone and neglected.