Do I actually need to wash my pet cat? If yes, then how often should I do that? These are some common worries of many of the cat owners. As you love your cat, it’s obvious to ask such questions. The straightforward answer to the question of how often should you bathe a cat is yes, you have to wash them.

Many cat owners think that their cat does need any help from them when it’s about their grooming. Well, this is not wholly accurate. There are some circumstances when your lovely cat may need your help.

Reasons to Bathe Your Cat

The cats regularly brush off their remaining dead hairs, also their dead tissues, and the remains of their food by itself. They also massage their hair roots and can quickly spread the oils generated throughout their body. These are all the activities they perform daily in their spare time. The main problem with that is sometimes the dirt, and dandruff does not fall off the body and remains attached to them and just change their places. It does not make your cat perfectly clean.

Many people ask how often should I bathe my cat because they feel that their cats do not like water, and they face problems while doing this. Such baths will not be stressful to them if you make them familiar with water at the early stages of their age. Thus, your cat will feel that they are a normal part of their lives.

Bathing Frequency Depends On Cat Itself

How often should you bathe a cat, the answer to this question also depends on the needs, age, and comfort level of your cat. Little kitten often needs to be washed every three days because of the dirt they accumulate on them are more than compared to older cats. Also, they are not so perfect in grooming themselves. As soon as they become older than twelve months, you can bathe them only once a month.

Remember that every cat has its temperament. Many of the cats are easy going with the bathing process, while others can even scratch and bite you, or also run somewhere away from you. Now, it does depend on you how easily you introduce them to water. Some more essential tips that will help you to decide regarding how often should a cat be bathed.

  • Cats with long and medium hairs require more attention as they can accumulate enough dirt on them.
  • If your cat spends too much of their time outdoors, you can increase the frequency of their bathing.
  • Domestic and short hair cats require the least attention in such cases.
  • Active and playful gets often get too dirty, thus requires frequent baths.
  • A cat who cannot take good care of themselves also requires your attention.

How to Decide That your Cat Needs to Bathe

How do I decide whether my cat needs a bath? The answer to this probably depends on your own decision. If you feel that the fur of your cat is becoming discolored or gives you an awful smell. Perhaps it’s the right time for them to bathe. Once the cat becomes older, they cannot concentrate well enough to clean the targeted areas. Thus, their hair becomes greasy, which is undoubtedly a natural process. Such cats definitely need a proper and regular bath.

Overweighed cats are also found problems in cleaning themselves. For them, you can give them your extended help. The same is the case when your cat is sick. Sick cats do not maintain their cleanliness regularly. You may have to clean them by yourself. Just make sure that your care is ready for the bath.

Benefits of Bathing Your Cat

While questioning how often should you bathe a cat you may also be seeking the benefits of performing such a tedious task. For them, there are numerous benefits if you wash your cat. They are –

  • Bathing of the cats makes their fur shinier
  • Their skin quality becomes healthier
  • Prevent them from dandruff
  • Free them from parasites
  • Keeps them fresh and active;

Step by Step Procedure to Bathe Your Cat

Here are some of the proven steps that can help you to bathe your lovely cat without facing any difficulty.

Step: 1 

The first step is obviously to catch your cat and make them ready for the bath. Remember that cats usually do not like to bathe or be in contact with water as well. They will try to escape from you and can also become angry with you. But at last, you have to manage the situation.

Step: 2

As you performed the above step successfully, fill the bathtub sufficiently with warm water. Using warm water is essential because it makes the cat comfortable. Make sure that the water is neither too warm nor cold. Once your cat is in your arms, make sure that you do not let it go. 

Step: 3

Now as your cat is finally in the water wet its fur thoroughly and make sure to avoid the face. Then gently use the shampoo and massage carefully. 

Step: 4

Once you wash the entire body of the cat, make sure that you rinse it thoroughly. Also, take care not to let any of the soap particles be left behind. The leftover soap can cause irritations in their skins. By chance, they can even lick the remaining soap on their bodies that can be harmful to them. Thus, can make the stomach of your cat upset and can create problems for you. 

Step: 5

Now to wash the cat’s face simply using a wet towel soaked with warm water and softly rub on its face. Make sure that you do not spray water on their faces as it might make them uncomfortable.

Step: 6

Once you complete your rinsing part, take your cat out of the tub and wipe her by using a warm towel. You can even blow-dry your cat. Take care that cats usually dislike the sound of blow dryers. If you feel that your cat is already panicked with its bathing process, do not use them. 

In case you feel that they are comfortable with the blow-dryer, use them in normal mode without bringing the dryer to close to hair as their soft fur can get damaged. Older cats are usually challenging to handle while kittens are best in this process.

Some Useful Tips for bathing your cat

Planning to bathe your cat to make them tidy, here are some ways that you might like –

  • Keep your bathing water and equipment ready before putting your cat in the tub
  • Use a cat-friendly and tearless shampoo to make them comfortable 
  • Make sure to check the temperature of the water, preferably warm water as cats hate cold water
  • Remember to wash the face of your cat gently with a soft towel. Never dip your cat completely underwater as it may annoy them
  • Finally, patience and the way you deal with the condition is the key to success;

Some Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) You May Have

These are some common questions which many of the cat owners ask.

Are you supposed to give cats baths?

Usually, cats do not need to bathe. But sometimes it happens they roll over something and makes themselves dirty which they cannot remove on their own. In such cases, you can bathe them. Make sure to bathe them in warm water, if they resist, divert their attention by offering then food treats.

Can I bathe my cat once a month?

Basically, it is not necessary to bathe your cats once every month. Prefer to bathe them one in a couple of months that too if you feel a necessity. Cats are born to groom by themselves, and normally do not need any external help in such cases. You can bathe them if you see some horrible substance on their fur which they cannot remove on their own.

How often do you brush your cat?

Most of the cats are capable enough to groom by themselves. But if you have fluffy or long-haired cats, you can groom them once a day or every alternate day as applicable. However, keep in mind that over brushing of the hairs can lead to loss of their excess fur and their shiny coating which can give them unpleasant looks.

How often should you wash your outdoor cat?

Outdoor cats need frequent baths as compared to your pet cats. The main reason behind this as they collect many types of germs and smell during the day. But care should be taken that do not bathe them more than once a month as it can affect their health.

How often should you wash your indoor cat?

Cats do not need as many baths as dogs. They are self-sufficient in this particular task. Many of the experts say it’s good to bathe your indoor cats twice or thrice in a year. This will maintain their quality of fur and also keep them in good health.

The Final Verdict

Finally, I hope this article answered all your queries regarding how often should you bathe a cat. You may now independently decide the need and frequency to bathe your lovely cat.

You may witness some tolerance from the cat in such cases but keep yourself calm. In case you face any serious problems, consult your vet for their expert guidance.