Are you one of those who are continually facing problems related to your dog’s ear? Also, want to know the solution for the same? Many of them even want to see the home remedies to clean dogs ears.

Perhaps you are on the right page. Ear infection of the dog has become one of the common problems for many of their dog owners. Let us start with the basics that generate such issues in your dogs.

What’s the Infection?

An infection in the dog can occur when bacteria, Yeast, parasites, and fungus accidentally enters your dog’s ear and settle themselves. Such disease causes your dogs to feel uncomfortable as the irritation they witness around their ears. If the irritation is confined to the outer areas of their ears, it’s not a serious issue, but within the ears can create serious problems.

Types of Ear Problems

Before knowing home remedies to clean dogs’ ears, you should keep yourself aware of the problem that causes them such conditions. There are two types of infection one is acute, while the other one is chronic. The chronic variety of diseases can reoccur many times due to the overgrowth of yeast and bacteria. Here are some of the general problems that create an infection in your dog’s ear.

How You Friend Indicate Its Problems

In cases when you are aware of the problems they are going through; you can easily make out from their below mention indications –

  • A dog suffering from ear infection tends to shake their head a lot than usual
  • They generate excessive ear odors
  • Redness on their inner ear zones
  • Excessive Itchiness around their ear
  • Your dog scratching the ear with his paws or against the ground
  • Generates dark yellow or black discharge

How to Clean Your Dog’s ear Effectively

In case you want to clean your dog’s ear, make sure that they are just like us. So, you may need some cotton swabs that can easily remove the dirt that decomposes on their outer ears. Try to get the area clear as deep as you can within their ear without making your dog feel awkward.

In case you need, you can even soak a cotton ball and massage their ear if they feel irritation in their ears. Try to clean as many areas of their ears as possible. Remember to use cotton balls soaked in fresh water to wipe their ears in the last. These are some of the simple steps one should perform if their dogs witness some minor problems in their ear. If you do not see any positive effects try this home remedy dog ear cleaner.

Home Remedies to Clean Dogs Ears

First of all, it’s the vet that can determine the actual condition that is prevailing with your dog. But that does not mean that you cannot help your friend at your home. There are many simple but effective home remedies that you can try to solve the problem.

Here are some of the best ways you can try to make an efficient homemade dog ear cleaner –

1.  Using Apple Cider

Apple cider vinegar has proved one of the best remedies for dogs who have ear infection problems. We all know that Apple has several antibacterial properties along with antioxidants. Make sure that the vinegar you use should be well pasteurized as unpasteurized vinegar kills this beneficial process. In the case of pups, apply the mixture with the help of cotton swabs. So, only a limited amount of oil can enter inside their ears. You may also rub the solution over their entire ear surface to make them free from germs.

2.  Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can also act as one of the essential ingredients if you are planning to make a home remedy dog ear cleaner. We all know the benefits of coconut; they promote our hair growth saves us from various infections. The case is the same with dogs; they act as a natural ear infection treatment for them. All you have to do is to put some refined and slightly warm coconut inside their ears.

In the case of pups, you can use cotton balls to add a few drops. Using this method will surely reduce the pain of ears that your dog undergoes, and you will definitely notice positive changes in them in a few days.

Preventions from Such Problems

Thus, these were some of the best ways you can apply if your dog is suffering from any kind of ear infection. As a dog lover, you can try to save them from such problems as well. Try to feed them with nutritious diet avoid them to play in the wild bushy areas. Maintain their cleanliness regularly. The most important is to take them to vet for at least once a month.

You can also follow some of these essential tips :

  • Remember to clean the ear of your dogs after swimming or bathing to remove the excess of moisture from the ear. Use a cotton swab for such purpose because moisture contents in their ear can attract dust particles, fungi, and bacteria into their ears.
  • Check your dog’s ear regularly, and in case you notice any abnormalities contact your vet for the treatment.
  • Try to change the food diet of your dog if you witness your dog regularly suffer from an ear problem. Many of the experts say that many dogs are allergic to the food they are offered to eat, thus causing abnormalities in their bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) You May Have :

These are some of the common FAQs any of the dog owners want to know if they are facing problems of ear infection with their dogs. I hope these answers can effectively guide the dog owners.

What can I use to clean my dog’s ears in my home?

It’s not a difficult task to clean your dog’s ear, but you have to be careful and be patient while doing it. You can use a cotton ball or alternatively a cotton pad. Wrap it around your index finger and carefully wipe your dog’s ear that is visible to you.

It is also recommended that use the cotton swab if it’s necessary and does not try to clean the entire depth of the ear if you are not confident. Try to keep your dog calm by offering them their favorite treat and then try for the other ear.

How do you flush out a dog’s ear?

The best way to flush out all the impurities and foreign particles are to put some coconut oil or even slightly warm water into the dog’s ear. Ensure that you allow the dog to shake their head at their best and let them rub the ears against the floor. This can easily flush out all the impurities along with the liquid you have used out of their ears. Make sure to clean all the remaining discharge from their ears to make them perfectly clean.

What is the unusual brown stuff inside my dog’s ears?

In case you notice brown stuff inside and in the surrounding area of your dog’s ear that indicates a fungal ear infection in them. Brown ear discharge can also lead to the problem such as its ear generates an excessive ear wax, ear mites, or can be an outer ear infection. In case you see such symptoms to visit your vet as early as possible and cure the problems at the earliest stage.

Can I use a solution of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to clean the dog’s ears?

Many vet experts do not refuse to use hydrogen peroxide to clean the dog’s ear, but they also say that to use it under proper medical supervision. A solution consisting of one part of water and one part of hydrogen peroxide can be applied to the ears of your dog. Using this combination can quickly free your dog’s ear from various infections and bacteria. Make sure that the hydrogen peroxide solution you use should be in diluted form. Accidentally if you use its concentrated form, it may damage your dog’s ear.

What is the best ear cleaner for dogs?

There are many of the best and effective ear cleaners for your dog’s apart from the homemade ways. They are Zymox pet ear treatment, Decra Derama malactic Otic ear Cleanser, Vet’s best dog relief wash, and Virbac epi-otic advance dog ear cleaner. All have proved to be reliable and are readily available in the pet stores and online market. 

What is the best way to clean a dog’s ears?

The best way to clean a dog’s ear is by using a cotton swab if the situation is worse use coconut oil. Make sure to let your dog clear out his ears by their own to shake out the excess liquid. As soon as he shook out the excess liquid out of his ears, wipe the remaining liquid with the help of cotton swab. Thus, all the foreign particles that were inside its ear will be cleaned.

The Final Verdict

Thus, I hope now you are aware of the problems that your dog might face if he suffers from an ear infection. You are now also familiar with effective home remedies to clean dogs ears along with the preventions for the same.

Make sure to take care of your dog as much you can, also make sure to consult the vet if you feel you need a helping hand.