Ever wonder what’s in catnip that makes your cats go crazy? Or asking can cats get high? Well, everyone has their weakness and their anxieties, for your cats that can be the plant called catnip.

Before you want to know the reasons for your cat getting high, let’s know about the plant that produces such results in cats.

All About Catnip You Ought To Know

CATNIP is an actual plant and is a member of the mint family that grows throughout the United States. The plant is usually recognized by its heart-shaped leaves and its musky herbal smell.

It’s Grows Easily :

Many of the cat owners who know that they can play with their felines by making them high; they plant catnip from its particular seed. Keep in mind that catnip requires plenty of space to grow well and furnish but can also be adjusted in confined space. Even, when it attains its maximum height, it will surely become famous in your neighborhoods as well.

Caring :

Once the plant is stable and starts whiffing its particular scent, it is good to leave it alone until they lost their feeling. As catnip can induce drowsy feeling within you, and no one wants that in any part of the day. Many of us even like the taste of catnip because of the chemical named Nepetalactone in them, which induce addictive symptoms.

Other Advantages of Catnip :

Apart from giving a buzz to your cat, this plant also has several other benefits. It acts as a repellent for mosquitoes, flies, termites, and cockroaches. They have proved to be more effective than DEET. The only problem is it can not repel bugs if you apply it on your skin.

Even you can use catnip other than pregnant women. You can mix them in your tea or coffee to get relief from headaches, nausea, and insomnia, and even in toothaches. You can also take catnip tea during nighttime to give yourself a perfect sleep. Catnip capsules are readily available in many of the medical stores. Catnip paste can be used to heal wounds and can also be used in cooking.

Effects of Catnip on Cats

Many of the cat owners and experts witnessed and enjoyed this experiment with their felines, this proves that cats can get high. Some of the useful observations they conclude about the plant and how to get a cat high.

It will surprise you that many of the cat owners purposely dose their cats with the seeds or smell of the plant for definite reasons. They do that intentionally, as it is recommended to give such drugs routinely to your pets. Catnip makes them freak out and causes them to roll over the ground and makes them drool as well.

Can cats get high for this reason?

As many of the experts say, the plant contains Nepetalactone as its principal constituent that triggers the hormones of the cats to make them crazy. Whether the plant is in its live form or dried or in the form of seed, the essence, and power it possesses can turn the behavior of your cat.

Many scientists observed that the smell of catnip triggers the vomeronasal organ that is situated deep beneath their nose, thus resulting to perform such activities.

What to do As a Cat owner

Still, wondering whether it’s right to use catnip for cats? The answer is yes; you can use them but not regularly. Catnip acts as a natural way to enhance the moods of cats. Moreover, it makes them act unusual hence its fun watching them. She may also jump from one place to another, playing the run and chase games.

Some cats can even behave; differently, they will sit calmly and stare in a fixed location for 15-20 minutes. They can also mew and growl during such times. Nearly 30% of the cats do not respond to catnip, although it’s in their genes. Kittens also do not respond to catnip until they attain the age of six months. As the cats get older, they do not respond much to catnip

How does Catnip Helps Cat?

Now you all know the answers to the question can cat gets high. You can give catnip to cats because of its good for their health, especially physical health. Using catnip can encourage a cat to run and swing with their maximum possible strength. At the same time, it also relaxes the cats.

Advantages of Using Catnip on Cats

Using catnip can help your cats in many ways –

  • As cat repose to catnip its good for their training aid
  • It saves your kitty from scratching and chewing of your household items. As catnips give them some other forms of fun.

In Which Form to Offer This Catnip?

Catnip products come in several forms. You can easily see catnip powder, catnip bulbs in pet stores. Catnip bulbs can be easily spread on the ground or on a toy to provide smell to your cat. Many of the varieties of catnip toys are also available in the market. They are also available in forms of oils and sprays. Cats can quickly identify the smell in a small amount of catnip, so you need not use much.

The intensity of the response depends on the type of catnip you use. Many cats enjoy it in a natural dried form of this herb and show the least interest in readymade products. Also, remember that catnip is non-addictive and it’s completely safe if your cats eat catnip. You can easily grow such herb in your garden or near the window as it requires regular sunlight. Planting them in gardens is considered as good as your cat will get enough space to play and enjoy. In case you buy dry catnip for your friend store in a freezer to maintain its essential oils that give the effect.

Can Catnip Make a Cat Aggressive?

Some cats, especially males, can show aggressive behavior when you give them catnip. Many experts say smelling of the catnip in males increases their lust for mating, and thus they become aggressive. In case you see such aggressive behavior in your pet cat, then stop giving catnip to them. On the other hand, for such cats, you can use an alternative option. Valerian or honeysuckle have also proved to provide similar effects. You can also consult your vet for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) You May Like To Read

Q1: What is catnip made out of?

Ans: Catnip, also called Nepeta Cataria, is a perennial type of herb and belongs to the mint family of labiates. They grow near about 3 feet in height. Primarily they contain an active compound known as Nepetalactone, which has addictive effects on both humans and cats and many more animals. The chemical is found in the leaves and stem of the plant.

Q2: What does catnip smell like?

Ans: Many people, seeing their cat’s behavior, want to know how it smells like. For them, the answer is the smell is the combination of herbs, mint, lemons, and grass. Many people also say that they do not smell any irregular at all. As the plant belongs to the family of mint, it does have such a pleasant smell.

Q3: Is catnip edible for cats?

Ans: Cats love to eat catnip, and it is one hundred percent safe for them. There is nothing wrong contain in that particular plant that can harm your cat. Only take care of your cats accidentally eats catnip in massive amounts it can make her stomach upset and can make them sick.

Q4: Why do cats are crazy over the smell of catnip?

Ans: If a cat eats catnip, it can make them a sedative. But if a cat smells catnip, it makes them go crazy. This happens due to the mimic feline pheromones that are present in cats. The smell of catnip activates them, and thus they become insane. They can react differently, such as rolling on the floor or flipping around or running faster. They may do anything they may feel.

These feline receptors are providing happiness feeling in their brains. Some cats may behave differently or show no response to such smell at all, but many of them do go crazy.

Q5: Can catnip get you high?

Ans: Many experts say that catnip is an exotic legal herb and is entirely safe for humans as well as for cats. They contain an active compound named Nepetalactone, which gives sedative effects on humans. After smoking, many people fail to get high; also, it makes them free from mild headaches.

Also, remember taking more amount of catnip in forms of smoke or drinks can cause vomiting in humans. Even you should know that catnips are also used in pesticides and insecticides as they are insect repellant.

Q6: Can flies get high?

Ans: Many people often about do flies get high. The answer to this question is yes; you can make them high. Blowing smokes on them in an enormous amount, you can make flies or even most of the animals to make them high.

Final Verdict

Finally, now you may have understood the answers to your questions about cats gets high. You may have also been aware of the plant named catnip and its properties that makes your cats go crazy. Remember all this for the next time when you see your cats going crazy over catnip.

Not only the cats, but you can also enjoy the effects of catnip by using them in any form. They are completely safe if taken in a limited amount.