Humping in cats is a natural behavior that you’ll constantly monitor in your pet, but a certain level can raise concern. Whether neutered or not, the habit is common among male cats which are expressing their sexual desire and thirst. But, various pet parents keep wondering why do cats hump blankets.

Before condemning your lovely pet, it’s essential to find out why your cat behaves in a manner you consider weird. It’s worth pointing out that cats are animals driven by an instinctive urge that they must express. Also, cats and their young ones, kittens remain one of the animals that can devise any means of playing.

Other than cats humping blankets, there are equally other odd behaviors that cats exhibit. Pet parents continue to worry about why their lovely small animals behave in such manners and at the same time trying to find remedies. Other worrying behaviors in cats and kittens causing concern include :

  • Cat bites blankets and humps
  • Kittens licking blankets
  • A cat licks blankets

The Reasons of why do cats hump blankets  

It’s likely that you’ve seen cats or heard stories about kittens humping blankets. However, you feel helpless as you don’t have a possible means to stop the situations. It’s standard to find the reasons behind such habits before you could figure out how to solve them.

In the introduction, we clearly say that humping is a habit that can catch up with cats of any gender but more predominant in male pets. We also pointed out that male cats hump on their female counterparts to express their sexual desire.

Male cats can sometimes express a weird behavior of humping cats of their gender to show their authority. However, if you see your pet gets obsessed with the habit then you need to begin figuring how to find a solution to the impasse.

Female cats at times also hump their kittens, a behavior that appears strange to many observers. Cat experts think that female pets observe this behavior as a way of showing love to their little ones and warning the kittens against some issues. However, no scientific evidence to support such experts’ claims.

If you don’t offer your pet company quiet a lot then there are chances that the cat may soon harbor the behavior. Experts explain that cats hump blanket as a way of showing that they are lonely. Gender does not play here.

Since cats spend most of their days resting, they have immense energy to use in playing and other activities. A cat can develop a behavior of using excessive energy to hump blankets and other items.

Cats being territorial animals, they often respond when there’s a change in the area they stay. For instance, a visitor or a change of home may make your cat start humping blankets.

Lastly, if you notice that your male cat hump blankets and constantly licks its genitals, then you should invite a vet. Male cats often lick their genitals when they are suffering from the urinary infection, which may end up blocking the urethra, thus causing pain and discomfort to the pet.

What to do when your cat humps blankets

After finding out what causes your cat to hump blankets, it now becomes easier to find a solution to the crisis. All the efforts should be geared towards ensuring that your cat stops the habit. The behavior couldn’t only be embarrassing to you and your family, but it can also cause shame to your guests.

Never expect that it can be something that can end overnight, you have to be patient enough with the measures you’re about to learn. Here are ways to stop your cats from humping blankets;

1. Redirection

The mechanism seeks to divert your pet’s attention with a blanket since it creates an alternative to match the cat’s blanket humping habit. Here, you should change the blanket that your cat humps with another pleasant item. It might take some time for your pet to develop love with the new items, but eventually, it will work.

2. Use of pheromone collar

The measure is helpful for individuals whose cats are humping blanket as a result of anxiety. The aim of this strategy is to help release anxiety, which in turn plays a pivotal role in calming the cat from the wayward behavior.

3. Be attentive to your cat

It’s pointless bringing a pet home when you know that you cannot create time to bond. Pets are animals and they feel stressed when they lack the company. The stress is what causes some cats to hump blankets. If you spend time with the cat and you caress it, the unwanted behavior would surely diminish.

4. Lower the cat’s energy

Too much energy is one thing that we have established is causing cats to hump blankets. If you can find the means to make your pet have just enough energy, then you can sure that you’re solving an issue. The energy you can control, especially by offering diets low in fats and carbs.

Alternatively, you can devise means that help your cat to redirect the energy used in humping blankets towards other strenuous activities. Offering meaningful toys is an excellent way of making cats exhaust extra energy.

5. Make the cat infertile

The habit of cats humping blankets and other items is common among male pets so if you’ve have neutered cats, you can expect the behavior to end. However, you may see your cat still humping blankets weeks after the initiation.

Why do kittens and cats lick blankets?   

Now that we are discussing some questionable habits of cats, it’s standard to stick to blankets and find out why cats have some nasty behavior with the fabric.

It’s a normal habit to see a cat or a kitten licks itself nearly every ten minutes, but licking items like blankets can be awkward. A cat or its young one can lick blankets and other things because of the following reasons;

  • Due to stress
  • When you don’t provide them with balanced diets
  • It’s in cats’ instinct to lick things and their owner
  • A disruption to the environment they’re used can make your pet to lick blankets
  • As a means of relaxation
  • If a kitten was separated from the mommy too early
  • To demonstrate their trust
  • Certain cat breeds have the affinity to lick blankets and other things

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

In this section, we’ve seen great to sample a few questions that most of our readers and pet parents keep asking. We have provided detailed answers to each question to enable you to take care of your pet in the right way. It isn’t a surprise that the section has remained a favorite section to people who visit the site.

Q1: Is it normal for my cat to hump a blanket?

Ans: To start with, a cat humping a fellow cat in your full glare isn’t normal, so when the pet turns to blankets and other things, the behavior is obviously beyond ordinary. We have already provided the reasons that can make a cat hump items.

If you see the habit in your cat, you shouldn’t scold the pet or hit it with an object because such measures will only aid in deteriorating your relationship. In case you’re suspecting that your pet is obsessed with the habit, consult your vet.

Q2: Why do neutered cats hump blankets?

Ans: It baffles many pet owners how a neutered cat can still harbor sexual interest. It’s a rare occurrence but you should that even female cats hump blankets. Cats that only underwent the initiation less than two months ago are likely to continue humping objects. However, if your cat continues with the habit after that period, then it becomes odd.

Q3: Do neutered cats still hump?

Ans: It’s a common question that causes concern among cat owners. As we’ve already mentioned, the cause of humping is not only linked to sex hormones, but also many other factors. A male cat may continue to hump blanket due to urinary infection so, neutering cats isn’t the ultimate solution to the habit.

Q4: Do male cats hump things?

Ans: As a matter of fact, the problem is rampant among male cats. It’s ordinary for a male cat to hump female cats, but enjoying the habit can be weird. We had mentioned that earlier in the article that a male cat may also hump fellow males to show his dominance.

Final Take

Cats are curious animals that can take you almost forever to understand, so you need to stay closer to your pet to learn more. Like other big cats in the wild, our domestic cats are driven by certain instincts, which includes humping. However, humping blankets is a rare behavior among cats that continues to happen.

It’s necessary to find out why your pet enjoys the habit before formulating remedies. Some cats hump blankets because they are lonely and stressed, so keeping your pet company can be a priceless solution to the issue.