If you are a proud owner of a beautiful parrot and want to know about what do parrots eat, this article will be much helpful to you. Many parrot owners often worry about feeding their parrot different kinds of food as they fear about their health.

There are many bird seeds mix available in the markets which are safe for parrots. Apart from this, there are several other fruits and vegetables that your parrots may like.

Variety of Foods that a Parrot can eat

As we all know that parrots usually rely on fruits, vegetables, nuts, insects, flowers, and seeds. As parrots are omnivores, they also love to eat meat but occasionally. Some foods which are poisonous for them are avocados and chocolates.

These were some of the basic food about what do parrots eat. Given below is a complete list of several meals. Some are good for parrots, while others are harmful to them.

Grapes :

Grapes are suitable for the parrots. But make sure that you do not offer grapes to them in excess. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, grapes have high sugar content, and secondly, grapes are considered such fruits that witness high pesticide contamination. You can offer a small bowl of grapes per day to your parrot.

Cherries :

Parrots can feed on cherries, but make sure that you remove the seeds of cherries. Cherries are rich in vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, protein, and calcium. Parrots enjoy eating the fleshy part of the cherries. Do not worry if you see their black or blue droppings after they feed on cherries as it is entirely normal. Make sure that your parrots do not eat such droppings as it contains cyanide which is harmful to their health.

Strawberries :

Parrots love to eat berries. They enjoy picking them up and digging their beak inside the fruit. The only problem is to clean their cage as parrots love to spread the cherries around their enclosure.

Bananas :              

Yes, bananas are healthy, and your parrot will surely love to eat. They contain sodium, fat, and are free of cholesterol. Some larger breeds of parrots love to peel the fruit all by itself. Make sure to wash the bananas thoroughly if you are offering whole bananas to parrots to make it free from any pesticide residues. For smaller parrots, you can peel the banana and offer them in small pieces. Make sure that you give those fresh bananas and not the ones that are stored with the help of sulfur dioxide as they are poisonous for parrots.

Tomatoes :

Tomatoes contain acids and so have to be given in limited amounts to parrots. Excess of tomatoes can create ulcers in the stomach of parrots. Acidic problems are only present in the tomatoes that are raw and fresh. If you cook them or present them in the form of spaghetti sauce, the acidic amounts in the tomatoes minimize.

Meat :

If you ever wondered about what do parrots eat in the wild, meat is not one of them. But in case you are willing to give meat to parrots, you can offer them occasionally. Meats are rich in protein and are good for parrots. Too much protein, if given to parrots, can cause them problems of cholesterol. It is better to provide them with seeds and pellets to fulfill the protein requirement in parrots.

Oranges :

Oranges can also be one of the answers to the question regarding what do parrots eat. But as oranges fall in the category of citrus food, which is acidic, it is good to offer them in small quantities. If you think of giving them orange juice, make sure that it is in diluted form. Oranges are best in vitamin C, A, and also contain dietary fibers, which are good for parrots.

Chocolate :

Chocolates are one of those that can’t parrot eat. You should never allow parrots to eat chocolate as they are toxic for parrots. Basically, chocolate is toxic for all animals, birds, and even mammals. Only 1/7 of the chocolate in their stomach is enough to kill them. While in the case of small parrots, it is ½ ounce or 14 grams can cause serious harm to them. This is so because chocolate contains two ingredients that are harmful to them. One is caffeine, while the other is alkaloid bromine. Similarly, all the soda products also have to be kept away from them. In case your parrot accidentally eats chocolate in a higher amount, take them to your vet immediately.

Carrots and Popcorn :            

It is entirely okay if your parrot eats carrots. They are rich in vitamins A, C, and K, dietary fiber, and potassium. It is good if you serve them in smaller pieces. Popcorns are not much of an acceptable food for your parrot. If you want to offer popcorn to your parrot, make sure that they do not contain any salt and oil. It is also recommended that you should avoid microwavable popcorn to parrots as there are many minute particles produced during the process that can harm the health of your parrot.

Fishes and Chicken :

Your pet parrots can easily consume fishes, but many of the vets do not recommend it. We all know as the pollution level of the oceans is increasing day by day, and it causes to raise the mercury level in the fishes. Such fishes can result in the degradation of their health. Fishes are actually not a part of a parrot’s natural diet, and its good to keep them away from fishes.

When it comes to chicken, they can have this delicious treat occasionally. Parrots possess such a digestive system that they can easily digest fruits and vegetables. But it takes time for chicken and such dense products to pass through them easily. You should also know the fact that excess protein intake of the parrot may induce breeding behavior in them, thus leading to changes in their behavioral characteristics. Finally, providing you with an overall summary of a parrots diet.

Cheese and Dairy Products :       

You should know the fact that parrots are slightly lactose intolerant. This inevitably means that they are unable to digest milk and its product in any form. Many of the hard cheese available in the market are low in lactose, and you can feed them those but in a little amount. Make sure to monitor their drooping as you feed them with cheese. In case your parrot develops diarrhea after eating the cheese, eradicate it from their diet. We all know that it’s good to avoid such risky food when there are plenty of other food options available.

What Foods are Good or Bad for Parrot

Good :              

  • Coconut, broccoli
  • Blackberries, clay
  • Insects, cauliflower, beans strawberries
  • Rice, chia seeds, flax seeds

Moderate :

  • Figs, Oatmeal, slices of bread, cashews, eggs, honey, raisins
  • Pistachios, popcorn, pecans, oranges, kiwi, pineapple
  • Cucumbers, insects, pomegranate, Quinoa, Cantaloupe, watermelon(seedless)

Not Recommended :

  • Crackers, fish, cheerios, Asparagus, celery
  • Chicken, meat, milk &its products, peanut butter, peanuts

No :

  • Chocolate, mushrooms, alcohol, garlic
  • apple seeds, caffeine, fruit pits, onion


What food do parrots like to eat?

Parrots are omnivores that mean they can eat both types of meal that are vegetarian and meat. Most of the parrots like to eat nuts, fruits, seeds, and insects. They also have strong jaws that can even snap a nutshell to enjoy the seed that’s inside.

What do parrots eat and drink?

Parrots can easily eat all the fruits and vegetables that are readily available. But when it comes to drinking, they can enjoy water and fruit juice that does not contain access to preservatives or sugar. Make sure that you do not offer them any caffeinated, alcoholic, and carbonated drinks as it may cause harm to their health.

What are parrots not allowed to eat?

Dairy products, mushrooms, avocado, and chocolates are such items that are not allowed for parrots to eat.

How much do parrots eat a day?

Small parrots can easily survive on ¼ pellets per day. Make sure that you also feed them with dietary components such as vegetables in a small amount too. It is better to consult a specialist if you are an owner of exotic breeds of parrots as their diet may involve some extra effort.

Can my parrot eat cooked rice?

Yes, parrots can easily eat cooked rice, and they are also beneficial to keep them healthy and energetic. It is also preferred that you offer them brown rice but occasionally as they do not provide many important nutrients that your parrot may need.

Is banana good for parrots?

Bananas are good for parrots, but make sure to serve them raw and without the peel. The peel of the bananas may contain several remains of the pesticides that can be harmful to your parrot’s health.


Finally, I hope that now you are well aware of what do parrots eat and what they can’t. It’s good to serve them a parrot bird food, which comes in many different forms. You can offer them occasional foods from your meal but make sure that they do not leave any negative impact on their health.

It is good to consult your vet before offering food to your lovely parrots as its better to be safe than sorry.