Why does it happen that your pet cat always pees on your clothes and towels? Many such questions must be popping in your head now and then. Apart from your cat peeing on clothes and towels, you may also have observed them peeing in your laundry baskets and sofas also. Seeing this behavior of your lovely cat you may have to start to worry about the situation.

We also know that peeing is a natural call but for this, there is a specific place. You must be having a litter box also in which your cat can comfortably pee. After all such arrangements, you have often observed your cat peeing on your valuables. Not only the clothes, but you have also witnessed your cat peeing anywhere in the house or your sofa set or any such place where you do not wish it should pee. So, here are a few of the genuine explanations of such behavior of your cat.

Reasons for Cat Peeing on Clothes and Towels

If you have a question in mind why is my cat suddenly peeing on my clothes or why is my cat peeing on the bed, here are few of the explainable reasons for this –

Marking of the Territory

When you observe that your cat loves to pee on your bed, clothes, or any of the usable things in your house. You must have considered the inappropriate behavior of your cat. Many of the expert vets say that this activity of the cat is due to the hidden stress in them. Whenever you bring on the new sofa or some new bedsheets, they feel unfamiliar. They feel the newcomer as a threat hence pee under stress.

When you change any of the old furniture to a new one, your cat observes this. Your cat thinks that time has come when everything is replacing also there will be an arrival of the new cat to replace it. Considering all such factors he/she starts to pee or spray in all the places as possible. By doing this he/she makes sure that he/she is not ready for a change.

Problems with Your Litter Box

When you see your lovely cat peeing randomly anywhere and not using its litter box, you may have felt awkward. Due to this many questions must have been raised in your mind. You may also have got exhausted with the bad smell coming from your favorite items. Probably one of the main reasons why your cat peeing on clothes and towels is that there is a problem with your litter box.

Your litter box must be too small with respect to the size of your cat. It can also happen that you may have forgotten to clean it up regularly. Thus, the odor coming from the litter box is keeping your cat away from it. 

Here are some precautions that you should take before selecting the litter-box of your cat –

  • Choose the litter box such that your cat can easily fit in
  • Always try to choose such litter box which is at the right height
  • Make sure to choose the inside surface of the litter box according to your cats. Use rugs, blankets or any smooth materials
  • The placement of the litter box is also an important factor, never choose any noisy place. Try to find a calm space in the house where your cat can relax peacefully example your bathroom
  • Place the litter box away from their food, water, and bed as they are clean creatures and do not like a mess
  • Even when your cat is not using the litter box, try to change the places of the litter box
  • Fill the box without the appropriate amount of litter, neither less nor more
  • Do not cover your litter box as it may induce smell within it, thus will divert the cat from it
  • Clean the litter box regularly

These were some of the best measures you can take to stop your cat from involving in such dirty business.

Issues in Health

Your cat can also show such behavior if it has been attacked by various diseases. In such cases, you may have seen cats randomly peeing on the floor and everywhere around your house. Sometimes you also have asked the same question to yourself: why is your cat peeing on clothes and towels or anywhere? In such conditions, your cats lost their sense of where they should actually pee. They pee everywhere including your towels, clothes, furniture, etc.

In such cases, you have to keep this thing in mind that persons who get attacked by some urination disease have to pee whenever it comes. No matter which place they are.

So, in this case, it is your foremost duty to take him/her to the vet and ask them for their advice. If you find that your cats are healthy then try some methods to drive your cat away from this kind of bad behavior. Mainly you have to keep the following things in your mind.

  • Always remember that your cat can even die if suffering from urinary infection as it builds toxins in their body
  • Many of the times the toxins present in the cats do not come out with the liberation of the urine, so consult a vet in such cases
  • As soon as you suspect any change of nature in your cat try to provide a necessary treatment

Cats Love Familiar scents

Still have questions about why cats ruin your laundry baskets or anywhere else. There is one psychological answer to this. We all know that a cat is a faithful animal. Your cat always wants to live with you. Once you go outside for some work leaving them alone in the house makes them feel lonely. Then cats pee in such cases to find out their owner with the help of this scent.

Many of them while returning home in the evening observe that their cat peed on clothes. The reason is that your cat misses you and thus showing love and loyalty towards you by peeing on your items. Sometimes if any of your belongings are not on their reach they randomly pee anywhere in the house.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) You May Have

Q1: Why is my cat suddenly peeing on my clothes?

Ans: If your cat is urinating sometimes on your clothes then maybe your feline is marking its territory or trying to gain attention from you. There are also other reasons that they suffer from urinary tract infections (UTIs). In such cases, try to visit your vet as early as possible.

Q2: Why do cats pee on my clothes and towels?

Ans: The cat who usually performs such kind of act perhaps might be not feeling well. They are trying to draw attention to you that something is wrong with them. In such cases, you should try to communicate with them, check their litter box. If possible, consult a vet or change their diet plan accordingly.

Q3: Why do cats pee in laundry baskets?

Ans: The main reason behind your cat pee on laundry baskets instead of the litter box is that they are probably suffering from the bladder infection. Many of the experts say if the cats are suffering from the bladder infection, they experience pain while urinating in such circumstances.

In such cases, take your cat to the vet and check for kidney failure, diabetes, or any other similar problems. You can also check their litter box if they smell any abnormal. In some cases, using antibiotics can also clear up their infections back to normal.

Q4: How to get the smell of cat pee out of your clothes?

Ans: Many of the easily available ingredients can be used to remove the smell of cat pee out of your house. Some of them are vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide. These products when mix with water can easily be applied to your carpets and rugs to clear up the smell.

There are many of the enzymatic cleaners available in the market as well. Such cleaners are made to suck up the smell of urine and thus leaving areas with a fresh smell. Always remember never to use steam cleaners to get rid of such odors. As they absorb the odors in the carpet again. The best option is to wash them with detergents and clean them in your washing machines and dry them in the sunshine for perfect results.

Final Verdict

Remember that cats are one of the most intelligent creatures that exist on our planet. They also have feelings within them to safeguard their masters and also to love them. Also, remember that they are cunning and moody but they love you with all their heart. If they are peeing in an abnormal way there may be some valid reasons for that.

Finally, it is my best hope that the information I provided can help you to tackle such problems in a calm and easy way. Following the above-mentioned procedures can definitely reduce the possibility of your cat peeing on clothes and towels.