Now that you finally realize that your lovely cat has become too old or sick and has to leave you forever. Many questions must have arisen in your mind, such as will it hurt them? Can I have to be with them during the process? How to euthanize a cat at home?

Completely knowing all such facts can give you and your family a quiet relief in such situations. A cat can quickly be euthanized both in your homes as well as in the clinic. It’s your personal decision that depicts your love towards your cat and its responsibility for the same.


This article is only serving for educational purposes, and you should therefore not try it at home. It’s also important to accept your position as a pet keeper and not as a professional to significant steps like this one.

The whole exercise could backfire, and you won’t have an idea of what to do next in such a scenario. It’s also worth noting that it’s a life you’re dealing with and your empathy for animals may make you fail after initiating the process. 

This is a Medical Procedure to euthanize your pet and we encourage you that should be discussed with your veterinarian before giving Benadryl, Aspirin, Insulin or any medicine to a pet.


If your animal is truly suffering, contact your vet, local animal shelter, or animal rescue.  They can put you in touch with the right person.  An animal should never have to suffer because of finances.  There is help available.

If you no longer want the responsibility of caring for a pet, there are animal shelters and rescue groups who can find new homes for unwanted animals.

At Home or Vet’s- The Important Decision One Must Plan

Perhaps in the home, the process of euthanasia can be more comfortable as you do not have to carry them to a vet’s office. It’s also useful in case you have some other pets in your house as they can support your cat too. On the other hand, if you have younger children who have developed an emotional attachment with the cat, prefer such euthanasia at the vet, as you do not want them to witness such a process and feel depressed.

In case you have decided to euthanize your pet at home, make sure it is that legal in your state. You may also have to visit a pet cemetery for further process. Still have doubts regarding how to euthanize a cat at home follow this step by step process. Make sure that you are deciding your cat to bury in your house garden or a cemetery.

Remember, many of the cemeteries also offer the ashes of your cat in case you want to keep them as a memorial. Even they know that it’s your best friend, and there are plenty of feelings attached.

Step#1: Be Planned

One of the problems, if you are euthanizing your cat at home, is that you may or may not get a vet to visit your home. If somehow you manage a vet to visit home, then surely you do not have to worry about anything at all. But the problem arises when you have to plan all the home remedies euthanize cat alone. Remember to inform the entire family to say a final goodbye to your cat. Explain to your children if necessary.

Step#2: Choosing Medicines to Euthanize The Cat

This is one of the crucial steps in how to euthanize a cat at home. There are many medicines available to complete the process comfortably and successfully.

Some of the effective ones are –

Aspirin :

Remember that cats are very sensitive to aspirin; they do not synthesize it as fast as dogs or humans. This weakness of our cat can be one of your tools. Overdosing your cat with aspirin with twice and thrice the regular amount can make them sleep peacefully while 4 to 5 will make them quickly pass away.

Insulin :

This is one of the alternate methods in how to euthanize your cat at home. By using Novolin R insulin, you can reach your goal frequently. For the readers who do not know, insulin is a life-saving diabetes remedy. Its original work is to reduce the glucose level in the body. In case if one takes its overdose, the medicine can significantly reduce the glucose level of the body causing the death of the person.

Thus by injecting your pet with a large amount of such insulin will painlessly kill them. So ten units of syringe you can inject in any of their fatty tissues to provide them with a peaceful death. These are the two best ways that are admired by everyone if they want to euthanize their cat at home. Many other drugs are also available in the market that can serve the same purpose.

Step#3: Knowing the Right Time

Is It the Pain of Their Old Age?

Discuss well, either with your friend or your vet that the symptoms your cat shows are due to old age or just arthritis problems. Such arthritis problems can be cured, and that is entirely different from the old age symptoms of your cat. Remember that cats do not show their pain and try to adapt to the pain within them. So you have to monitor such a condition. Some of the symptoms that you feel that can make you aware regarding euthanizing your cat.

  • Check if your cat eat, sleep and moves around comfortably
  • Does she or he responds to your signal and greets you as before
  • Do they now feel interested in their favorite food when you offer them
  • You may also witness vomiting in your cats along with the degradation of its fur for no specific reason.

If you feel that there are negative results of all the above points, then perhaps your cat might need a euthanizing procedure to end its life peacefully. You and your family members can easily detect such awkward behavior of the cat. Many cats sadly die on their own in vacant areas of your house, while the others may need your help for this.

Step#4: Staying During Euthanasia or Not

Now, this is entirely your wish and the attachment you had with your cat over the years. Many cat owners like to stay with them in their last hours to show their love and respect to their friends. While others cannot face such a loss and just keep them away. One should remember that never feel guilty if you have performed euthanize your cat. You have provided them relief from their painful moment. If you wish, you can see your cat afterward and meet your cat in the end.

Getting A New Cat

So now prepare yourself to return to an empty home, try to talk with your family, and try to fill up the atmosphere. Buying a new pet to fill the deficiency is proved admirable. Try to divert your attention to buy a new pet. Also, consult with your friends, neighbors, and colleges for the same. In case you have children take them to any amusement parks or any other place to make them overcome the situation. Sooner or later, you and your family will overcome the situation and can also decide to bring a new kitty to fill up the vacant space. Although everyone knows that no two cats are the same, but something is always better than nothing.

Now you may feel that the moments you enjoyed with your cat are irreplaceable. You also get attached to them in their way. But it’s the time to move on. Buy another cat of your choice and try to get connect with it.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s) You May Have

Q1: How do they euthanize a cat?

Ans: They or we say our vet euthanize the cat by giving them an overdose of insulin or aspirin medicine. We all know such drugs, if overdosed, can quickly kill a life. Experts’ vets have experience in such field, and they do that purposely to provide a peaceful death for your pet.

Q2: Will Benadryl kill a cat?

Ans: Yes, an overdose of Benadryl can also kill a cat. The recommended dosage for your cat is 1 milligram per pound three times a day. If you exceed its limits, it can surely kill your old cat without much trouble.

Q3: How much Benadryl do I give a dog to put down?

Ans: The standard dosage that is recommended for the dogs depends on their breeds and their weights. It is said that 1 mg per pound is sufficient to cure them in the safest way without any side effects. So in case, you have to put your dog down for any reason, multiply the recommended dose three times under medical supervision.

Q4: How do I ask my vet to euthanize?

Ans: You just have to bring your pet to the vet and let them examine its condition. If the vet says you can cure your pet with proper care and regular medication it’s good. On the other hand, if they will themselves guide you in case your pet cat needs to euthanize.

Q5: Do cats feel pain when euthanized?

Ans: To all the cat owners, they do not feel any kind of pain while you euthanized them. As usual, they are old and already in pain with several diseases attacking their body. Providing them with a solution rather than witness pain is the best you can do.

Q6: Can a cat wake up from euthanasia?

Ans: If you have their last stage and offer them the exact medicine to euthanize them, they cannot wake up. In such conditions, they wake up; perhaps it was not the right time for them. In such cases, keep patience and consult your vet for their expert guidance.

The Final Verdict

Finally, these were some of the facts relating to how to euthanize a cat at home. Putting your pet in a deep sleep to never return is your final step as its owner. Determining the right time is crucial.

If you use any medicines such as insulin, make sure to use well and ask for a syringe from the pharmacists / Vets as well.

Make sure to ask the advice of experts before euthanizing a cat. In case you feel depressed to create a photo album of your cat to remember your precious days. Being calm and controlling your emotions is the key to success. Remember, it’s a natural process, and one has to face it.