Why my cat throws up a lot these days? Is it normal what should I do to prevent it? As a responsible pet owner, such questions often have clicked your mind. In case you observe that your cat throwing up white foam regularly, there can be many possible reasons for this.

First of all, you should know that it is not at all healthy for your Cat to throw up routinely. Only a vet can find the reason behind this and its possible solution. Let’s look at some of the significant reasons for your cats vomiting white foam.

Usual Reasons Why Cat Throwing Up White Foam Regularly

Cats often vomit white foam; it’s not at all a life-threatening problems. Check out some of the common reasons mentioned below –

Changes in Diet :

According to many experts changing the diet plan of your cats is perhaps are the primary reason for your Cat throwing up white foamIf you feed your cats different types of food regularly, their stomach can’t adjust well, thus causing the Vomiting of your cats. In case you are bound to offer them different types of food, make sure that you do that slowly with a sufficient amount of water. This can prevent them from throwing up.

Hairballs :

We all know cats like to groom and lick themselves all the time. Sometimes it happens that while cleaning themselves, they accidentally sallow their hair. Such hairs keep accumulating in their stomach and finally gain enough size to make them vomit.

Empty Stomach :

Vomiting of cats also occurs when their stomach remains empty for too long. If you forgot to feed your Cat for a long time, you could see them vomiting white foamy liquid. 

For this, feed some water to the cats to make their stomach settle and then provide them with a small amount of food slowly at regular intervals.

Some Serious Cases For Cat Vomits White Foam

Apart from the above usual cases for Cat vomits white foam. There are some of the severe reasons are also there that had to take well care of.

Gastritis :

Gastritis that is caused due to irritation in the stomach walls is one of the severe problems in cats that can make them vomit regularly. This usually happens when your Cat eats some harmful substances such as grass, toxic medications that it cannot digest it well. When the problems become acute, you can see weight loss in your cats, laziness, and loss in their appetite.

Pancreatitis :

Such disease can be cured by vets only. It’s the disease that causes swelling up of the pancreas. The pancreas usually helps in the digestion process by liberating enzymes and also generates insulin to regulate the amount of sugar in the body. Malfunctioning of which causes indigestion and thus vomiting of the leftover food inside their stomach. Symptoms such as diarrhea, the thinning of the fur, and diabetes are common in such cases.

Hepatic Insufficiency :

Many cats who suffer from liver disease also show such vomiting symptoms. Along with Vomiting, they do witness loss in their appetite and weights, sclera, and yellowing of their skin. Such diseases are not completely curable, but proper medications can support them. Vets can provide you the treatment plan for such cats soon; they will feel better.

Diabetes :

The significant symptoms of diabetes in Cat are the same as of us, such as excess of urination, gaining weight, bad breath, and Vomiting. Cats may also witness changes in their fur quality. If you see such symptoms in your Cat, visit your vet as soon as possible. They will start the insulin treatment immediately and hand over a new diet plan for your Cat.

Renal Insufficiency :

Renal insufficiency or CKD (chronic kidney disease) can also be one of the possible reasons for the Vomiting of your Cat. Such a condition makes cats drink excess water. Their weight also reduces followed by dehydration, a dull mood, and poor fur quality. Such diseases are similar to liver disease and cannot be fully cured. A vet can only manage to reduce such symptoms. In such cases, you have to support your Cat to the fullest by taking them to the vet whenever he asks.

Hyperthyroidism :

Overactive of the thyroid gland is very common in older cats that make them vomit regularly. In addition to constant Vomiting, your Cat will show a loss in weight despite eating their complete diet. You may also see that such cats tend to drink an excess of water and urinate frequently. Diarrhea and excessive vocalization problems can also be seen if the matter gets worst. In case your senior Cat shows any of the above mention symptoms, rush to your vet immediately. Your vet will check its blood to check its thyroid hormone levels. If they found hyperthyroid, he will suggest you some daily medication to control the disease.

Parasites :

Sometimes, when you see that your Cat throwing up foamy liquid, one of the most probable reasons is that your Cat is not routinely dewormed at required intervals. Thus, such cats suffer from parasitic infection. In such cases, you should check their stool sample. If you feel any abnormalities contact your vet.

Treatment and Avoiding Such Vomiting of Cats

It’s a horrible experience when you see your cats vomiting. You may feel pain and also the mess that you have to clean on your own. You may even think that the food you provide to your lovely Cat is good enough or not. Also, you probably might be wondering why the stomach of your cats rejects the food.

Here are a few of the ways by which you can easily avoid or can stop them from vomiting –

  • Remember, Vomiting is a symptom that cannot be cured naturally if happening frequently.
  • It’s best to write down your observation and the color of the vomit along with its frequency. Such details can be helpful for the vets to analyze the condition of your Cat.
  • Always give your Cat an adequate and nutritious diet regularly to avoid your Cat throwing up white foam. Avoid such foods that can cause nausea or allergic conditions.
  • Keep your Cat in a safe environment and prevent them from swallowing dangerous objects.
  • To prevent your Cat from swallowing hair, brush your Cat regularly eliminate dead hairs from its body. Maintain a regular deworming calendar for your cats.
  • Avoid the food which is rich in calorie. They are the same as humans and need to exercise to digest dense foods.
  • Raw foods such as chicken are the best options for the cats; try to avoid dairy products as they usually do not perform well in their digestive system.

Some Commonly Asked Questions you may Like to Read

Q1: Why is my Cat throwing up saliva?

Ans: There can be several reasons for your Cat throwing up saliva. One of the common problems is indigestion. Cats are just like us when it comes to stomach problems, improper meals or too much eating causes such issues.

Throwing up healthy saliva occasionally is not a problem, but if it contains an excessive amount of mucus, you should visit your vet.

Q2: Why does your cat throw up white foam in the morning?

Ans: Possible reasons that your cat must-have eaten something white such as ice cream or milk late at night. Foamy vomit also develops if the cat has an excess of gas in his/her stomach. Other reasons may be due to Gastritis, which is the inflammation in their stomach. You should consult the doctor if it happens regularly in the morning.

Q3:  What can you give a cat that is throwing up?

Ans: Actually, when your Cat is throwing up, you should not give your cat anything to eat. Your main aim should be to clear all the food that’s inside their stomach. After 12 hours you can offer her some light food in the form of small pieces of chicken and rice in the fifty-fifty ratio. But in case your Cat vomits blood, you have to consult a vet immediately.

Q4: Should I take my Cat to the vet for Vomiting?

Ans: If the problem sometimes occurs  you can avoid that. You can stop giving them food for a few hours and observe them. When you feel that the Vomiting of your Cat is regular, you should take your cat to the vet for their advice.

Q5: Is it normal for a cat to throw up every day?

Ans: No, it is not at all healthy for your Cat to throw up every day. If your cat is vomiting every day, there might be some severe problems in their stomach like the presence of toxic materials or hairball. Consulting your vet can be useful in such cases.

Q6: How do I get my Cat to stop throwing up?

Ans: The easiest way to save them from such conditions is to plan their diet well and also give them food after regular intervals. Make sure they play enough so that all the food is well digested. Ensure that they do not eat some improper substances from outside.

The Final Verdict

As a responsible pet owner being nervous is obvious when you see your Cat spitting up white foam. I Hope, the article has made you aware and ready enough for the situation when your Cat throwing up white foamFasting of your Cat for 8-10 hours is the easiest solution in such cases.

However, if you feel that is not much active or has lost all his appetite or stopped grooming itself, taking them to vet is preferred in cases.