Are you one of a dedicated video game player? Wants the look of your aquarium to be one of your favorite games? Here are some cool ideas for Mario fish tank decorations which will surely enhance the beauty of your fish tank and make it unique.

There any many cool decoration ideas by which you can completely change the look of your fish tank. Many of them are very much affordable and just require your thinking skills and creativity. You can even buy any pre-decorated aquariums also; they are readily available in the market in many varieties. Some of the famous are sponge bob paradise, bam-Buddha forest, floating rock planet, the log cabin, and yellow submarine, alien, and space themes.

There are plenty of famous video games you would have played right from childhood. One of the unforgettable ones is the Iconic Super Mario game designed by Nintendo. The theme of this game was loved by the audience the castle, flags, climbing tower, underwater pipes, brick boxes, mushrooms, the box with a question mark, and many more. Each level was designed in a perfect way to attract gamers. The target of this game was to fight the challenges facing various difficulty levels to rescue the princess. You can even decorate your empty fish tank with such a theme to enhance your home decoration.

About Super Mario Game

A mustached Italian plumber trying to cross difficulties to save the princess, this was the basic theme of the game. There were different types of environment and various levels in the game and was so designed that it became a popular video game in the world. It’s sound effects and the way they plan their level was admired by all the gamers.

The game involves jumping from mushrooms and fighting from the problems to raise a flag. About 350 million copies of this game were sold worldwide and it was, at that time, the second-best video game series after Pokémon. As the game was so successful,  it later introduced various advanced versions such as Mario Bros, Mario 6, and many more versions were introduced. Now, years have passed but still, everyone remembers the days when they use to spend hours playing the game.

You can make your past come alive, all you have to do is to be creative if you have decided to go for Mario themed fish tank.

 Materials You Might Need

To make a super Mario fish tank you will need:

  • PVC Pipes
  • PVC fittings
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Scotch Tape
  • Brushes
  • Cutter, Scissors
  • Printer
  • Meter

After you are ready with all the above materials and tools, follow the Following step-by-step procedure

Step: 1

Plan your model. There are various options available; you can choose any one of the so-called stages of Mario. Then decide on which areas of your aquarium they will occupy.

Step: 2

Now cut the pipes and the fittings with the help of a handsaw according to your planned size. After you are done paint them with acrylic paints. Remember to use water-resistant paints. Make sure they are not toxic as they can be hazardous for your fishes.

Step: 3

Now with the help of a printer, print a sheet according to the size that they will easily cover the back of your aquarium. You can use adhesive papers so that they are resistant to water. For the appearance of the brick cut thin lines of paper and paste them at the bottom of your aquarium. Thus the outer part of your tank is ready.

Some More Mario Fish Tank Decoration Ideas 

The base of your tank plays an important role in enhancing its beauty. So I personally request you to set up colorful sand and pebbles accordingly in the bottom area of your tank to enhance the beauty of this theme. Now you must be wondering what more I can do regarding Super Mario fish tank decorations.

You must be aware that the sands of the aquarium come in a variety of colors in the fish stores. Remember; prefer light colors as they look natural and beautiful. The sand bottom is best for the fishes such as ells, ray, and knife fish.

Here are a few tips that you can use –

Use Colorful Gravel:

You can choose colorful gravel for the base which you can easily get from a fish store. Also, you can choose anything from your choice; after all, it’s your aquarium. Remember that the bottom area of your tank should have ocean-like effects so go for such eye-catching vibrant colors such as natural green, deep yellow, pink. Add gravels of mixed colors to enhance the beauty of the base of your tank. Some more tips regarding this are

  • Try to maintain eye-catching and layered coloring for better looks
  • You can also choose round gravel of natural colors
  • Try to choose small or medium-sized gravel
  • Never choose large-sized gravels as it can trap your fishes or can break other things of your aquarium.
  • In case you are using glass pebbles make sure that they do not have any sharp edges as they can harm your fishes.

Try to Give a Natural Look:

You can also add many natural things to enhance the beauty of your tank. You may choose rocks or different kinds of plastic trees. You can also use red-colored rocks to give them a deserted look. You can choose honey ox, ice rocks, zebra rocks, rainbow rocks, and many more themes of rock as you wish. However, it is advised to pick such colors of rocks that have a natural color tone for the best results. Some of the tips you can consider,

  • Do not use rocks with pointed edges as they may harm your fishes
  • Use moderate sized rocks
  • Before setting up your rock into the aquarium make sure it is not acidic. For testing you can put 2 drops of vinegar on the rock, if the rock is acidic it gives out foam.
  • Clean the rock with boil water to make it free from bacteria before putting them into the tank.

Use Driftwood:

If you use driftwood for your aquarium it will give enhance the natural touch to your aquarium. You will definitely feel pleasure after you use them. You can easily purchase them from any stores or can even use them from your garden. Just make sure that pick such driftwood that is free from insects. Wash the driftwood well before putting it into the tank.

Use Shells:

Using beautiful miniature shells will make the base of your tank more beautiful. It will reflect a natural beach-like view. If you use larger shells they may also look as in the little Mermaid series. Choose shells of different colors such as white, pinkish, red, brown, and yellow to make them look more attractive. You can also choose shells of different sizes. Before selecting any shells for the aquarium make sure that

  • They are easily available in aquarium shops or near the lakes or sea.
  • You should check the inside of the shell properly before taking them to your home.
  • Wash it well with boiling water before putting them in your tank.

Using Live Plants:

Without using plants you cannot complete your Mario fish tank decorations. So, plan to set up your plants well in good areas of your aquarium. Using live plants also reduces the stress of the fish. Try to use a variety of plants with different leave designs. Make sure that the plants do not block the background decoration of your tank. Some tips that you can consider regarding this are

  • Make sure that you choose such plants that survive in freshwater.
  • Make sure such plants accumulate dirt so use an efficient filter in your aquarium
  • One of the best benefits of using live plants is that they take nitrogen from the tank which is harmful to the fishes also provides your fishes with plenty of oxygen.
  • You can even go for a plastic plant to fulfill your decorating needs.

Use Readymade Additions:

Choose readymade plastic materials as they have a long life and their color does not fade quickly. Using readymade plastic decorations also prevents dust from accumulating in your aquarium. The height of the plant should reach on the mid-level of your tank. Make sure to know the full details of the plant before you set them in your aquarium. Many plants are harmful to the health of the fishes.

Use novelty items that are available in the pet stores. Such items come with detailed designs that will increase your viewing pleasure. You can also add a few toy animals to make your dream aquarium. You can also use pieces of ceramic to give additional art.

Also, remember to maintain a particular color scheme so that it looks like a professional set. Plan well the color schemes. If you use a dark color on the outer body of the objects, color the interior with light colors.

The Final Verdict

Finally, these were some of the excellent ideas for Mario fish tank decorations. Considering all the above factors you can easily make your Mario themed look aquarium. Show them to your friends and make them remember their childhood days.

Try to make the decoration looks natural but effective. There are several Mario themes and pictures available on the internet; you can visit them for selecting the best idea for your tank.