Finally, do you have decided to keep an aquarium at your home? If yes, it’s a good thought as it can relieve you from stress from working all day long and also can improve your mental health. Often people want to know about starting a fish tank for beginners, and it is also necessary to gain knowledge about such fundamental concepts that can help you.

Unfortunately, when you decide to go for a fish store, they will suggest you buy an expensive tank also with fancy modern fish tank décor. They may also advise you with various filters and the accessories that you may need to maintain them. Well, it’s all real keeping fishes in your home is not as easy as you think. It will require your extra care and effort to keep them happy. 

You Should Plan Your Tank Size

Planning of the tank size is crucial for anyone who wants to accommodate the aquarium in their home. You have to select such space in your home where the tank is easily visible. Make sure that you do not buy any oversized aquarium that you cannot maintain in your room or the hall. 

Decide the Fishes What You Want

As you have finally decided on the size of your tank, it is also essential to select the fishes that you would like to keep in. If you are a fresher in such a task, you should know the fact that fishes come in separate groups and habitat. Keeping the fishes with similar nature is essential. The fishes require a definite community by which they can live and survive peacefully in your aquarium. Selecting random breeds that do not belong to their community can be dangerous. It is one of the most crucial steps that are beyond the equipment and facilities you use for your fishes. 

Purchasing of The essential types of equipment

So, as you visit the pet shop, you can be confused regarding selecting a pre-decorated complete fish tank set up, or to buy the products separately, to assemble them on your own. In case you are trying to purchase a complete setup, then you do not have to worry. On the other hand, if you are anxious and want to arrange your lovely aquarium all by yourself, here are the least useful products and items that you will need

  • An aquarium and a stand
  • A hood to cover it
  • A filter, a heater, and a thermometer
  • Medicines, substrate, fishnet
  • Water conditioner, test kit for ammonia as well as for nitrite
  • A test kit for Ph level, siphon (Gravel vacuum that helps during the cleaning of your tank)
  • Plants, decorative items, and an oxygen supply motor.

These are some of the useful items for starting a fish tank for beginners that has to be taken care off.

You Should Clean the Tank Perfectly            

So now you came home with all the necessary equipment and must be eager to set the aquarium as soon as possible. For this, the first step you have to do is to clean up the tank as they must be kept for several months in the stores or the pet shop. They definitely require cleaning and also make sure that never use any types of soaps or detergents to clean them up as the remains of such material can be harmful to the health of your fishes.

Also, ensure that the equipment such as clothes or buckets you use should be new, and they should not be used for any other household cleaning purposes. In case you are using a used tank, you have to be extra careful. Remove any debris that is attached to the tank and use vinegar along with kitchen roll to clean the tank. Make sure that you clean both inside and outside the surface of the container. The corners require more attention as they accumulate more bacteria and dirt. In case you have brought an acrylic tank, check that you do not scratch the surface of the tank and use the soft cleaning cloth for the same.

Make sure to set the position of the tank in the best place in your house. Assure that the location you choose for your fish tank should be away from direct sunlight, and also should be near to a power supply where you need to connect all the essential gadgets that you have bought. You should also take care that if you have purchased a stand along with the aquarium or trying to set it on your table or stand. The stand should be strong, and stiff should not deviate from its location once it has been set. 

About Gravels and Accessories

Now finally, your tank is cleaned and also positioned to your favorite place, the next step for starting a fish tank for beginners is adding the substrate and the water. It seems easy, but you have to decide the type of substrate that you are using and is entirely depends on the fish you are planning to keep. 

For example, catfish fishes need a sandy substrate at their bottom, while many of the rocky fishes love to have big pebbles beneath them. You may also learn the fact that the amount of substrate depends on the capacity of the tank for the proper and efficient functioning of the aquarium. A rough rule is to maintain 1 lb per gallon of water, and it is precisely enough to make a 1 inch of thick bed for your fish so that they can easily spend their time playing and finding foodstuffs within it. 

Washing of the Substrate

Now do not be in a hurry to add the substrate as soon as you brought them. They are packed and need to wash, the same as you wash your vegetables and fruits as soon as you purchase them. Make sure that you can wash them or scrub them in warm water but never use any chemicals and detergents for this purpose. Make sure to rinse the substance well before you set it into your tank. By doing so, your fish tank will be completely safe from the toxin of the substrate, and such a substrate will not form cloudiness in your tank in the future.

Make sure you start adding the substrate calmly by creating a thin layer o the bottom of your tank. By doing so, you will save from the scratches that tend to generate if you add the substrate harshly. Once a one-inch layer of the substrate is assembled, you can add the remaining. Confirm to set all the waters and the thermometers, and the spare décor of the aquarium after filling up the substrate along with maintaining their stable power supply.

Adding Water into The Tank

Now to complete the fish tank set up, add water to the fish tank softly and make sure that your décor and all the attached gadgets do not disturb the flow of water. As soon as you fill the water in the tank, add the antibacterial medicines that were given to you by your storekeeper. Also, start the filter and the thermostats to make the temperature desirable for your fishes.

Adding of The Fishes

It is not recommended to add the fishes as soon as you are ready with your fish tank. Experts often suggest waiting for 24 hours for the water to reach its ambient temperature and its relatively necessary PH level. Soon after a day, you can add fishes one by one taking care and also examining them if they are enjoying your new tank or not.

Some Common Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Q1: How long do you have to wait to put fish in a new tank?

Ans: Never add fishes too soon as you fill-up the water in your new tank. You have to wait for 24 hours for the water to set then add any fishes you want.

Q2: What is a good size fish tank for a beginner?

Ans: In case you are beginners, it is often recommended that 5-gallon tank size is the best. As you increase your experience dealing with such tanks, you can go for a 20-gallon aquarium.

Q3: Can I put my fish in the tank right away?

Ans: No, never get too excited to add your fish to your new tank. You have to wait for 24 hours for the water to set and let all the medicines spread evenly throughout the water.

Q4: Do I have to wait for a complete day to put our new fish in the tank?

Ans: Yes, you have to wait for 24 hours for the new water to settle and attain optimum PH value and temperature that is best for your fishes.

Q5: Can you put fish in a new tank right away?

Ans: Never be in a hurry to put the fish in the tank as soon as you brought it. Wait for at least a day, so that water in your tank becomes ready, maintaining its temperature and PH for the arrival of its new guest.


So finally, after reading this article, I hope that you are well set for starting a fish tank for beginners. Keeping fishes not only calm your mind but also provides positive energy in your homes.

Although it is not an easy task to take care of them, once you develop an attachment with them, you can easily handle them without any troubles.