Over the years dog owners have had it rough trying to clip or trim their dogs’ claws. You are probably aware of how vital it is for your dog to have short and trimmed claws. Vets around the world recommend at least trimming the nails after every four to eight weeks depending on your pooch’s age or breed. Meanwhile, the whole experience of trimming your dog’s nails can be a nasty experience. The painful and gruesome experience brings a sense of mistrust and the dogs end up hating the whole process.

Unkempt nails make it a painful experience for your dog when taking a walk on hard surfaces. Sometimes, the surfaces drive the nails into their nail beds causing pain and discomfort. This poses as a health risk to your pooch and it gets even harder trying to trim the nails. For this reason, you should count yourself lucky as we have sampled the best dog nail grinder. Please read on to familiarize yourself with the safest nail grinders for your dog.

What to consider when buying a best dog nail grinder

I know how nervous it is to consider trimming your pooch’s nails. You are probably wondering how to make this an enjoyable exercise for both you and your pet. Well, there are many things you need to consider when looking for a dog nail grinder to help you grind your pet’s nails. Depending on her size and even size, you should make a point of looking for a dog nail grinder that won’t stress her.

Any pet keeper looking to win back the trust of her disgruntled pet needs to try out these new dog nail grinders. You just need to make sure of buying a gadget after carefully considering various aspects that will make it work for you. A word of caution goes to pet owners who might think that all the nail grinders work for almost all dogs. It largely depends on the size of your dog and age because of different thicknesses or lengths.

You should exercise caution when placing an order for your next dog nail grinder. Make sure the gadget you decide to buy is operating effectively and will not scare away your pooch. I have pieced together some features that will guide you in placing an order for the best grinder.

Speed rating/Level –

Finding the grinder with a reasonable speed level that does not make your pet freak out is very paramount. Some pets may freak out and hurt themselves with a noisy grinder.

Corded/Cordless –

You might go for corded grinders if you want to make good use of your home electricity and saving on costs pf buying batteries. On the other hand, cordless dog nail grinders give you the freedom of working outside.

Power rating –

A nail grinder with enough speed and power will make it easier for you to grind your pet’s nails faster without causing pain or discomfort. The power of the machine makes it crucial to any buyer as it will work faster.

Comfort –

Comfort is both for the dog and the owner and you should buy a dog nail grinder that perfectly answers this question.

Noise levels –

You should go for a gadget with no or minimal noise levels.

Using a dog nail grinder

Never put your pet at the risk of literally running away from you whenever you try touching her paws. This has left many pet owners to feel the sheer guilt of betraying their doggies as they might have hurt them when trimming their toenails. Trimming of dog nails was a nasty experience that could result in dogs suffering injuries and owners ending up paying fortunes to vets just for this small practice. Since the introduction of dog nail grinders, we have seen positive reviews from pet owners about how easy it has been to grind and trim their doggie’s nails. Previously, people used trimmers for this task but these weren’t as efficient as grinders.

Dog owners should be cautious and choose the best grinders for their pets. For example, a puppy owner can’t buy a grinder that could work perfectly with a fully grown dog. Since their introduction into the market, dog nail grinders have helped dog owners in grooming their pets.

Below are some pros and cons of these devices –


  • Dog nail grinders deliver a smooth and painless grinding experience. It reduces the possibility of pinching your pooch’s nails.
  • Dog nail grinders can be used in any environmental setting as they come as chargeable or corded gadgets.
  • Unlike trimmers, dog nail grinders offer a more efficient way of maintaining your dog’s nails.


  • It may take longer grinding nails compared to cutting or trimming with a clipper.
  • These devices may need to be replaced more occasionally as compared to clippers or trimmers.
  • Some grinders are noise and this scare and stress your pets.

Reviews of top ten dog nail grinders

1. casfuy dog nail grinder upgraded

Professional 2-Speed Electric Rechargeable Pet Nail Trimmer

I know how important it is for your most preferred dog nail grinder to be versatile. Casfuy is perfectly made for both small and large dogs giving you the choice to have it for your puppies or their mum. You will also find out that the grinder is noise-free relieving your pooch of the stress or discomfort that comes with noisy grinders.


Features :

  • This is a cordless grinder that can be recharged any time the power gets depleted. The inbuilt batteries can give you up to three hours of service time after a full charge. The compact design makes it easy for you to hold in any hand when giving your dog some grooming action.
  • Low noise and vibration. I find it hard for dogs to stand noise or vibrations from these devices. This grinder was built to work with minimal noise or vibrations that won’t scare your dog. It has a silent motor that your pooch enjoys a noise-free nail trimming experience.
  • Efficient 2-speed switch and three grinding ports. Supports heavy and high-speed grinding. Make use of three ports that will work for small to large pets by using the different speed ports.


  • Easy to use, clean, and store.
  • It comes with a USB charger.
  • Compact design for portability.


  • The battery might not last long when working on many pets

2. BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer

Professional Grade Pet Grooming Tool With Safety Guard

Comes with a bonus nail file to give your pooch a seamless nail finish after trimming. Using a trimmer highly recommended by professionals should give you the confidence of having it for your pet grooming. Looking at the sleek design with non-slip handles, you will not break a sweat trimming your dog’s nails as the nail clippers have sharp blades perfect for the job.


Features :

  • Sharp steel blades: You won’t need to sharpen until after using it for close to 3 years. The blades are 3.5mm thick powerful enough to leave your dog with clean-cut nails. Saves you the hassle of having to sharpen them frequently.
  • Safety guard: The safety guard comes in handy to prevent you from over-trimming the nails injuring your pooch. It will allow you to cut the nails after carefully assessing the length and space allowance provided by the safety guard.
  • Ergonomic handles: These are designed for comfort and ensure your hand does not slip off the trimmer. The handles are comfortable and sturdy to give you a nice professional trimming experience.


  • It is manual hence does not require a power connection.
  • Safe to use and highly recommended by vet officers and dog trainers.
  • It comes with a nail file as a bonus.


  • A manual way of trimming your dog’s nail. Might not work for people who are more into powered dog nail trimmers.

3. dremel 7300-pt pet nail grooming kit

4.8V Cordless Pet & Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool

Dremel is a brand many professional trimmers identify themselves with. The rotary device is effective and safe giving you the much-needed perfect trimming experience. This grinding tool is gentle to your pet’s nails leaving them with clean and nicely done nails. If looking for a cordless and chargeable grinder then you should go for this dog nail grooming grinder. You will realize that the grinder gives you options of trimming your pooch’s nails in parts due to the enabled rotation speed settings.


Features :

  • Built for speed: With two rotation speeds, trimming your pooch’s nails will be a fun activity for both you and your pet. The sanding drum is designed to be harmless and safe on your dog’s nails.
  • Weighs less: Weighing just 1pound, you will find it convenient and comfortable working with it. Also, the design makes it possible for you to hold it in a non-slip grip.
  • Battery storage capacity: You will have enough power to groom your pets because the battery has 4.8V power storage capacity.
  • Extensions and installations: Make sure you carefully read the operational manual that comes with this gadget as these will make it easier for you to change or tighten various parts of this grinder.



  • Gives you two rotation speeds.
  • Has cordless operation.
  • Easy to assemble and use.


  • Takes time to change the rolling bands.

4. epica #1 best professional pet nail clipper

Easy and Safe To Use With Rubber Coated Handles

Just like BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer, you will be going for a clipper that is easy and safer to use. Highly recommended by professional trimmers and comes with a lifetime warranty. It does not require you to be connected to a power source and will be ready for the job anytime you might think of trimming your dog’s nails.


Features :

  • Stainless steel: The clipper is made up of sturdy stainless steel that would not bend or rust. The stainless steel blades provide sharp cutting edges right for the job.
  • Shear cutting and comfort: Sharp blades allow you to perfectly cut the nails having clear finishing.
  • Safety lock: A safety feature that will prevent any accidents like cutting yourself when getting them ready for the action.


  • Stainless steel design for durability.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • It offers a compact and comfortable grip.


  • Not good for small dogs or puppies.

5. Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Portable & Rechargeable, Includes USB Wire

With a smooth and silent operational ergonomics, Herzko electric pet nail grinder will give your pooch a stress-free nail trimming experience. The compact design makes it a favorite for small pets, puppies, and even your cat. 

Features :

  • Mute motor with the speed that will enable you to trim your pooch’s nails without causing her much discomfort.
  • It has 3 size ports that will enable you to trim any pooch’s nail size.
  • Compact design making it easy to grip and comfortably work with.



  • Light design.
  • Easy to use, clean, and store.
  • Works well on small dog breeds or even cats.


  • Not suitable for bigger dog breeds

6. Gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers

Professional Grooming Tool for Large and Small Animals

Just like Epica dog nail clipper, this trimmer comes with a unique design with handles that are comfortable to work with and non-slip. The trimmers are lightweight, simple, and easy to work with and can be trim both your cat’s or dog’s nail.

Features :

  • Comprises of sharp stainless blades
  • Nail file for polishing sharp nails.
  • It has a safety stop that reduces the risk of injuring your pooch.
  • Handles are strong non-slip and comfortable.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • It comes with a nail file.


  • Manual as they work buy clipping the nails.

7. INVENHO Pet Nail Grinder Electric Paw Trimmer Clipper

Portable & Rechargeable Painless Electric Paw Trimmer Clipper

Finally, you might go for the Invenho pet nail grinder that will be suitable for almost any pet you keep, big or small. This is a versatile pet nail grinder that proves to be safer and more effective for your pet’s nail grooming. It is designed to reduce the probability of injuring your pets while trimming their nails.

Features :

  • A rechargeable grinder that will allow you to use a USB wire for this.
  • Low noise and vibration design and your pet won’t be stressed out during trimming.
  • 3 ports and 2-speed switch for trimming speeds when trimming small to big pets.
  • Hardened diamond bit grinder for safe and easy clipping.


  • It can be used to trim and grind dog nails.
  • Used on small to large pets.
  • Less noise due to super silent motor.


  • You will have to trim small pet nails before grinding.

8. OMORC Electric Dog Nail Grinder

2 Grinding Wheels for Gentle Trimming & Smoothing For All Size Pets Paws

Looking at this dog nail grinder, you will realize how amazing, powerful, and noiseless this gadget is. You will be able to recharge using a USB charger making it perfect to operate with the cordless design. The dog nail grinder comes with two wheels for all pets size paws.


Features :

  • Diamond bit grinder works with less noise and will prove stress free for your pets.
  • Safety is enhanced by the safeguard cap that prevents you from injuring your pooch.
  • Powerful with high rotational speeds will give you ample working time to faster trim your pooch’s nails without causing them much stress or fear.



  • Easy to use.
  • It can be used for small and larger pets.
  • More safety for your pets as the safeguard will prevent you from over trimming.


  • It does not ship globally.

9. DOGSWELL Remedy+Recovery Styptic Blood Stopper Powder

Professional Groomers Styptic Powder for Pets

With the ever-increasing need to keep our pet’s nails in check to avoid diseases or scratches on our carpets, injuries have occurred. For this reason, Cardinal Laboratories gave us a reason to smile by giving us Styptic powder that prevents pets from bleeding after trimming accidents. Applying a small layer of this powder on the cut area will immediately stop the bleeding.


Features :

  • No expiry. You can use this powder for as long as you want provident you to store it under the required conditions.
  • It does not stain your linen. It has a formula that prevents it from soiling your carpets, pillows, or clothes.
  • For dogs, cats, and birds. It can be applied to injured bird wings or other pets.


  • Safe for most home pets including birds.
  • Easily dries moisture from wounded areas.
  • Triggers faster clotting of blood preventing your pooch from getting a bacterial infection.


  • This powder is not recommended for deep cuts.

10. WEN 2305 Rotary Tool Kit

Variable Speed Lithium-Ion Cordless  Tool Kit

When looking for a dog nail grinder that will give you power, speed, and an array of accessories to choose from then look no further. The Variable speed cordless grinder is capable of grinding, sanding, polishing, and drilling. You will have the safety, speed, and accuracy of grooming your pooch.

Features :

  • Cordless Operation: The grinder is equipped with a 7.2lithium ion battery enough for up to 3 hours of operational time.
  • Multifunctional Use: It comes with sanding tools, polishing tools, carvers, etchers, and many more.
  • High Speed and Weighs Less: Has speed and weighs less. It allows you to work with high speeds of up to 25, 000RPM. With a mere 0.6 pounds, you will find it easy to use.


  • Variety of accessories to make your work easy.
  • Safe to use.
  • Sturdy and compatible.


  • Not suitable for small dogs or puppies.

Alternatives to dog nail grinders

The need to keep your dog’s paws trimmed can be a tiresome task. There are many tools in the market to make this simple task as easy as possible and give your dog comfort while at it. Your number one goal is to get a tool that will work perfectly and that fits your budget. To answer this question, alternatives to dog nail grinders are on the market. I will give you a highlight of these and leave you to decide on which one might be the right one for you.

Clippers :

Clippers differ from dog nail grinders as these are a more manual type of scissors. You will use them to cut down your dog’s nails by simply snipping them to the right sizes. Clippers can be found in two types as discussed below :

1. Scissor clips – You will use these on bigger dog breeds like the German shepherd as they are designed to grip and handle when trimming.

2. Guillotine clippers – If you are a small or medium-sized pooch owner, I encourage you to go for this one. They are sharp stainless-steel blades that work like scissors but recommended for soft claws.

These are cheaper and easily available across online shopping websites for dog owners who prefer trimming to grinding dog nails. You can access online tutorials on how to effectively use this clipping tool for your dog’s nails. Please make sure to arm yourself with clotting powder just in case you accidentally cut your dog’s paw.

Non induced abrasion :

If your dog is active and jumpy, you can bank on this method to keep its paws in check. One thing that you can be assured of that after some time your dog’s nails will recede naturally if it constantly walks on hard or rough surfaces. This happens because of the pressure the dog exerts on the ground that automatically pushes the nail back into the nail sheath keeping it in shape. I assure you that non induced abrasion will cost you nothing, even a single penny.

You might choose to tag along with your dog for those running or walking on rough or abrasive surfaces. Consequently, I think exercising on tough and rough concrete surfaces can lead to your pooch developing blisters, something we’ll all try to prevent. Gradual exposure will highly be beneficial as exposing the dog with already long nails may turn out to be risky and dangerous.

Comparison :

  • Dog nail grinder is a little pricy when compared to other more manual ways of keeping your dog’s nails in check. Clippers are cheaper and give you the best service on a small budget.
  • Ease of use. Compared to other ways of grooming your dog, dog nail grinder is easier to use. You will have a wide variety of grinders for any pet size or age you rear.
  • Clippers and abrasive require no power connections. On the other hand, grinders will come is as cordless or corded devices that will require you to have a power source.
  • Some dog nail grinders will be a bit noisy as compared to clippers. Clipping involves simple cutting and shortening dog nails with minimal noise.

You are welcome to check out some of these alternative methods or tools to trim your pooch’s nails. These come in handy to potential buyers who might want to save on cost or want to use natural remedies to keep their dog’s toenails in check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast does this tool work?

A:  Depending on the size or age of your pet, it should not take you more than 20 seconds per nail. I find it pretty fast and easy to work with. Leaves your dog with clean and smooth nails within a few minutes.

Q: Can long dog fur get stuck in the dog nail grinder?

A:  There is a possibility that long paw fur can stick on the edges of the grinder. You will need a smooth cloth to push back the fur surrounding the nails and work your grinder carefully and slowly around each nail.

Q: Where can we buy the best dog nail grinder?

A:  I can strongly confirm that your best dog nail grinder is waiting for you on almost all the common online shopping sites. You can search online for the name and specifications of what you are looking for and these will pop up. After placing an order, the device will be shipped to your doorstep within the provided period.

Q: Which could be the best dog nail grinder for me?

A:  This will largely depend on the type of dogs you have. A dog nail grinder for a German shepherd will differ from a puppy’s nail grinder. This prompts you to assess your pooch and your other requirements like costs.

Q: How long can it take to recharge a dog nail grinder?

A:  It is super easy to charge this device, and this will take you close to three hours. A dog nail grinder needs to charge fully to avoid it malfunctioning and posing operational challenges.

Q: My dog is not used to my new nail grinder, what can I do?

A:  This is normal especially if the previous nail grinder was a little harsh on your pooch. You can try by gently massaging her paws as this will relieve her of stress winning her trust. Gently try work on each toenail and if the dog bucks off, be quick to give her a pat on the back. You will need to win her trust over time and surely this will work.

Q: How safe is a dog nail grinder?

A:  Dog nail grinders are a much safe way of trimming a pooch’s nails however, there might be a possibility of slightly injuring the nail cuticle in the process. Severe bleeding may result after this accident and it is always advised to mark off a safety area on the nail. This will prevent you from grinding past the mark injuring your pooch.

Q: Can I use an ordinary clipping tool like guillotine clippers?

A:  You should use any clipping or grinding tool that will be comfortable for you and your dog. The most important part is making sure the guillotine clippers are good enough for your pooch’s nails and won’t end up hurting her.

Final Touch

When it comes to having the best nail grinder for your pooch, safety and health should be paramount. Choosing the best dog nail grinder will come with profound benefits not just for you but for your pet as well. You will be gifting your pooch a healthy life by carefully and safely trimming its paws without causing them pain or bleeding instances. I find these dog nail grinders to be super-efficient, powerful, and dog-friendly gadgets that will give your dog the much-needed glow. They are easy, safe, and simple tools that were invented to solve the problems of dog owners had to grapple with when trimming dog nails.

I know how the process of grooming your pooch can be tiresome, but this should not apply to cut their nails. As discussed earlier, you need to pay attention to how you can get your dog’s nails trimmed. Choosing between a corded and cordless nail grinder will largely depend on your power requirements. I hope by reading this review, you can finally choose between treating your dog to the best nail trimming experience ever. It is recommended to get your preferred dog nail grinder by checking out the provided links.