Our pets are part of our everyday lives and family. A good example is our dogs and puppies. Not only have they redefined companionship, but they are also a source of comfort and emotional support. They come with a lot of mischief and curiosity. It’s funny that these is the qualities of a dog that intrigue our minds and make us love them. If left unsupervised, they easily get distracted especially in a new environment. The urge to go and explore becomes too much and in most cases when this happens they get lost.

The emotional trauma that comes with this situation is unexplainable. The fact that they will be wandering alone, hungry, and probably injured is a worry only a pet parent can understand. The best leather dog collar will always take care of this situation. Through it, you can easily restrain your dog. In cases where it is lost, information on the dog collar will help its finders trace you. They come with different functional capabilities and below is a review with the buying guide of the ten best in our market today.

Things to consider before buying the best leather dog collar

A lot can go wrong when our dogs get lost. Some can steal them and decide to never bother to trace back its owner. Great fear sets in when you imagine it getting knocked by speeding cars something that is the norm these days. The best decision a dog keeper can make is investing in a genuine leather dog collar. Coupled with the fact that it aids in easy identification of your missing dog, it’s a great sense of dog fashion.

However, some dogs don’t find the collars comfortable. This situation comes to play especially with puppies or dogs that have previously undergone torture. The puppies tend to choke themselves or will just tend to be uncomfortable when the dog collar is placed on them. If you are a pet parent in this situation, a dog harness will be a good alternative.

Even so, always trade carefully when acquiring a dog collar. One of the important things to consider is a dog collar that comes with a lot of comforts. This is to ensure our pet babies will move around, eat, and play with ease. Some of the features you can look out for include :

Waterproof collar :

This feature is ideal for our dogs especially during the rainy season and hot sweaty summers. They create a dry environment that will not allow bacteria infestation.

Adjustable dog collar :

Dogs have a rapid growth pattern. Getting an adjustable collar will allow you to resize it as your dog grows.

Fitting collar :

Invest in a collar that fits your dog well. A big collar can easily come out, putting your dog at risk. In the same manner, a small collar can easily strangle your dog to death.

What is a leather dog collar?

What I love about dog collars is that some come with a small ring-opening where you can insert your dog’s information. This will help its finders in tracing you. Additionally, if your dog has health complications, the information on the dog collar will give its finders insight on how to take care of it.

Previously, dog keepers used to do it yourself dog collars. As much as it was cost-effective, these collars came with a lot of challenges. Most pet parents incorporated the wrong material that was either too strong for a dog to handle or had poor quality hence tear and wear. To make matters worse, the collars were not subjected to any safety testing putting your dogs at risk. Even with the recent adoption of professionally made leather dog collar, there are other better alternatives that you can always opt for. A dog harness is a good example. It is perfect for handling your dog. This is made possible by the fact that it comes with reduced stress on your baby’s upper body and better control especially during walks and car drives.

It is important to note, harnesses are a good option especially if you have a big dog. They tend to exact pressure on the chest area and not the sensitive neck that’s subjected to injuries. However, they cannot be worn for a long time as they bring discomfort. Exercise caution when choosing this accessory for our dogs. Comfort should always be on the top of our list.

Some of the pros and cons that come with the leather dog collar are :


  • Great quality leather material that is strong and durable.
  • Leather material incorporated in natural, eco-friendly, and a perfect option for a dog with sensitive skin.
  • They come in a variety of colors and designs.


  • Leather dog collars are a bit expensive than other dog collars.
  • They are not easy to maintain as the leather material is a high maintenance material.
  • They smell pretty bad especially when they come in contact with water.


1. Fashion Leather Pet Collars

High-Quality PU Leather, Adjustable 8″-10.5″

This is a combination of comfort and an elegantly simple design. Fashion Leather Pet Collars come complete with a d ring, buckle, and dog bell for easy tracking of dogs, especially during training. Constructed with high-quality material, its hardware is scratch-proof, rust-proof, and strong to withstand and offer maximum comfort during extreme weather conditions.

Features :

  • Metal buckle for easy adjustment.
  • Dog bell attached for easy tracking of the dog.
  • D – Ring for leash attachment during walks.
  • Soft interior padding for maximum comfort.


  • It is light and comfortable.
  • Strong and durable material.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Nontoxic material.


  • Its length adjustment is limited to up to 10.5 inches.

2. CollarDirect rolled leather dog collar

Soft Padded Round, Handmade Genuine Leather Puppy Collar

Collar Direct Rolled Leather Dog Collar will give you nothing short of ample strength and good performance. It is constructed with a lot of detail. Just like other dog collars, its round shape is well reinforced to prevent dog hair tangling. A distinct feature is its naturally treated leather that contains no adhesives making it perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.

Features :

  • Soft interior padding for maximum comfort.
  • Round shape design to prevent tangling.
  • High-quality leather that is strong and durable.
  • Treated leather to accommodate dogs with sensitive skin.


  • Nontoxic material.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Perfect for all dog sizes.
  • Come in a variety of colors.


  • Does not have a tag to insert information


3. Beirui Rhinestones Dog Collars

2″ Width with 5 Rows Full Sparkly Crystal Diamonds Studded PU Leather

Wonderful and exquisite craftsmanship when it comes to the Beirui Rhinestones Dog Collars. Whether you are attending a pet pageant or a downtown street walk, your dog will surely stand out. Unlike other dog collars, it comes engrossed with diamonds to give it the sparkle feature. Coming in a combination of bright vibrant colors, match your outfits and be the envy of the town.

Features :

  • Engrossed with diamond making it luxurious and a high-end dog fashion accessory.
  • High-quality soft PU leather for maximum comfort.
  • Thick stitching to resist tear and wear.
  • 5 adjustment holes for easy buckling.
  • Presence of a d ring for leash attachment.


  • 60 day warranty period.
  • Sturdy durable leather material.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Beautiful design that looks appealing.


  • It is a bit expensive than other dog collars.

4. Blueberry Pet 10+ Patterns Soft & Comfy Vintage Tribal Dog Collars

Combination of Polyester Webbing and High-Quality Genuine Leather

When you want the best for your best friend, you will acquire Blueberry Pet 10+ Patterns Soft & Comfy Vintage Tribal Dog Collars. It comes with luxury, vintage, and tribal design to not only add character but beauty and comfort to your dog. It features high-quality leather and polyester material for added strength and durability. It comes in different construction designs making your dog standout and unique.

Features :

  • Polyester webbing to bring an appealing appearance.
  • High-quality natural leather for strength and durability.
  • Strong metal buckle for length adjustment and fastening.
  • An eco-friendly brass coating that does not react with most dog’s skin.


  • Unique tribal and vintage patterns.
  • Different style of construction.
  • Light in weight and comfortable.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • The natural leather experiences discoloration marks after use for a long time.

5. Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collars

Metallic and Bold Non-Metallic Colors

Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collars features a special lambskin leather that is soft to keep your dog comfortable all day long. It has a unique seam stitch on its side for maximum strength. With a well-padded interior, your dog will be able to enjoy incredible softness and gentleness that comes with this leather dog collar.

Features :

  • Adjustable length to comfortably fit.
  • Heavy-duty metal fittings for maximum strength.
  • Well-padded to provide comfort and gentleness against the dog’s skin.
  • Brass and metal buckle for length adjustment.


  • Superior comfort.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Light in weight.
  • Easy to wear and remove



  • The leather starts to peel off.

6. Warner Cumberland Leather Dog Collar

Free Engraved Brass ID tag USA

The Warner Cumberland Leather Dog Collar has been designed to be strong. There is the use of high-quality leather that is completed with an engraved ID tag. It comes in 5 different sizes to fit neck sizes from 15 inches to 25 inches. It allows you to easily attach the leash on the d ring feature to gives maximum control during dog walks.

Features :

  • Brass ID tag to engrave information.
  • Presence of a d – ring for leash attachment.
  • 1 inch apart holes for ample fastening.
  • Tag engraving allows up to 22 characters.


  • Rust free material.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Toxic-free product.


  • Not suitable for small dogs and puppies.

7. Didog Leather Custom Collar

Braided Leather Engraved Dog Collars with Personalized Nameplate

Didog Leather Custom Collar supersedes the rest when it comes to appearance. It comes in vibrant colors and a unique pattern allowing you to easily identify your dog when in a crowd. Its holes are well spaced for buckling purposes. To add on, they are easy to wear and feature metal tags with permanent ID engraving.

Features :

  • Allows for permanent engraving of information.
  • Braided design that is appealing to the eye.
  • Super soft inner padding for comfort.
  • Super strong buckle for maximum fastening.


  • Unique and pretty design.
  • Comes in an array of vibrant colors.
  • Variety of sizes from small size to extra-large size.
  • High-quality leather that is strong and durable.


  • The metal engraving is a bit thin and small.



8. AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars

Strong and durable high-quality leather

AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars comes in four different sizes. With this in mind, you are assured that it will perfectly fit any sized dog be it small or big. It has 5 holes for easy adjustment and secure lock-in of the dog collar. Its interior is soft and well-padded hence our babies experience low friction with the constant rubbing and turning. While it may not be appealing in appearance, it is affordable and great when it comes to performance.

Features :

  • 5 holes for ample fastening.
  • D – Ring for neck protection against choking.
  • Metal buckle for easy adjusting.
  • Soft padding on the inside to avoid entanglement with the dog’s hair.


  • Comes in an array of different earthy colors.
  • Multipurpose use.
  • Strong and durable.
  • The metal buckle is rust free.


  • The leather material overstretches with time making it lose.

9. GoTags Personalized Dog Collars

Custom Embroidered Pet ID, Available in Soft Leather

Want a nice leather dog color, GoTags Personalized Dog Collars is a perfect fit. It is functional, durable, and has a unique design. Once you make an order, the leather dog color will be custom made to your taste and preference. This ranges from the color, size, and the identity information you want to be inscribed. The material used is flexible as it moves and flexes easily to prevent strangulation.

Features :

  • Adjustable sizes to fit different sized dogs.
  • 4 well placed apart holes for fastening the dog collar.
  • High quality and strong Italian leather.
  • High-quality stainless steel buckle and d ring connector.


  • Reflective collar strip that is visible in dark situations.
  • Maximum comfort.
  • Comes in a variety of different colors.
  • Strong and durable.


  • Its plastic straps easily get destroyed.

10. Soft Touch Collars

Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

Soft Touch Collars – Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar comes constructed with uniqueness and profound quality. The leather incorporated is naturally treated making it safe for our dogs. It has a striking sophisticated appearance coupled with the beautiful side stitches. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from and is a perfect addition to your dog’s accessories.

Features :

  • Brass hardware that is compatible with all weather conditions.
  • Presence of a ring attachment to insert information useful to trace back the dog’s owner.
  • Extra small ring to attach a dog tag.
  • Smooth padding that does not get entangled with the dog’s hair.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Use of natural leather that contains no harsh chemicals.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • It is rust-free.
  • Maximum comfort.


  • It can be a little bit lose due to the fastening holes structured far apart

 Alternatives to leather dog collars

We can all agree that dog collars are an important accessory. However, not all dogs are compatible with these products. Some may be too big, some may just not want anything around their necks. For this reason, manufactures have introduced alternatives that we can opt for. They include : 

Buckles :

If your dog has a behavior of reaping and chewing up its collar, this will be a perfect option. Big and large dogs are also compatible with the buckle. This is because they tend to have the strength to pull out their collars especially when not fastened tightly. Just like the leather dog color, it is attached to the neck. The buckles come in plastic and metal materials and are generally stronger and more secure.

Harness :

It is mostly used when transporting or walking your pet. It is a specially designed cloth that is worn on the upper part and in other cases middle part of the dog’s body. They are a good option for large dogs. I wouldn’t advise you to use it on small sized dogs. They are prone to injury caused by excess pressure that is applied to the leash while walking.

Comparison :

  • Functionality – Buckles may be strong and more secure but then, they have no tags to insert information. Moreover, the material incorporated is not of good quality. With varying weather conditions, they might get too hot or too cold for our babies to handle. This is mainly experienced with the metal buckle.

A big advantage that comes with the harness is even pressuring distribution among the upper body of our pets. There is increased control when handling our pets. Also, they are the best option when training our dogs. Unlike the dog collars, they cannot be worn for a long time. There is decreased comfort after been worn for some hours. To add on they do not have tags to insert information.

  • Leather material is expensive – It’s even more expensive to treat it as there is no use of chemicals. Instead, natural methods are incorporated taking a long time hence a lot of expenses are accrued. For this reason, anything made of leather is expensive.

In the same manner, a leather dog collar tends to be expensive than harnesses and buckles that feature plastic, metal, and other cheap materials.

  • Durability – Leather dog collars come with a lot of strength. Being that there is the incorporation of high-quality leather, these products do not stretch. To add on, the majority are anti-scratch and do not chip.

The same narratives apply to buckles that have been incorporated with leather and strong and solid metal material.

For the dog harness, they come in a variety of different materials that are not as strong as leather. Hence they are prone to tear and wear.

                              Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can dogs wear dog collars all the time?

A:  The dog collar should be worn when it’s necessary. It is advisable to remove the dog collar to allow the area in contact with it to breathe. Wearing of the collar for long hours can lead to a breakage of hair in the area in contact causing skin infections.

Q2: How do I care for my dog leather collar?

A:  Use a damp cloth to wipe your leather dog collar and hang it to dry. For better results, condition it with a good leather conditioner for absorption purposes. A good recommendation is the honey conditioner as it is of good quality and easily absorbs into the leather.

Q3: How do I measure my dog’s neck?

A:  Take a cloth seamstress tape, put it around your dog’s neck, and take a measurement. In the absence of a cloth seamstress tape, take a string, put it on your dog’s neck, and mark the measurement. Measure the string with a ruler to obtain the measurement.

Q4: My collar doesn’t fit. What do I do?

A:  Try adjusting the collar to the dog neck size. If it still doesn’t fit, return the collar for an exchange to a much bigger size.

Q5: Will my dog leather collar stretch?

A:  Poor quality leather will stretch. If the dog collar has been made with good quality leather, the application of good care will ensure maximum function over a long time.

The Final Verdict

Nobody wants to undergo the trauma of losing our best friend due to an under site. Not only will we be saving ourselves from worry that comes with losing our dogs, but we will also be protecting them from undergoing bad situations. One thing that you are assured of is the comfort that the leather dog collar comes with. They are safe, easy to wear and make our dogs look cute.

Armed with this information. You are at a better place in deciding on the best leather dog collar for your dogs. From the above review, read on and pick the best that will be perfect for your dogs and puppies