Do you have a cat that vomits often? Or, have you noticed your feline friend coughing up hairballs consistently? If this is the case, your cat could be sensitive to some ingredients in their food, or the problem could arise as a result of poorly digestible foods, food preservatives, food flavorings, allergies, or food additives.

While it is difficult to determine the exact cause of your cat’s regurgitation issues, in most cases, feeding him or her with the best cat food for regurgitation tends to work, since these foods are highly digestible and designed for cats with a sensitive stomach.

Given that the various brands and models are not created the same, selecting the best food on the market is a task posed on you, so that you can choose a food that will meet your cat’s nutritional needs and help them solve the underlying problem. To help you with that, below are the ten best cat foods for regurgitation. Have a look!

Things to consider before buying the Best cat food for regurgitation

Once you have decided to buy the best cat food for regurgitation, there are various factors to consider, and below are some of these –

1. Low carbohydrate content 

Cats are carnivores, which means that they should consume more protein as opposed to carbohydrates. That said, look for a portion of cat food that includes a small carbohydrate content. Also, opt for food that emits low-quality grains, including wheat and corn. To ensure that the food is balanced with carbohydrates, look for a model that includes highly digestible carbohydrates such as fruits, whole grains, and vegetables, but in limited quantities.

2. High real animal protein

To ensure that your cats’ food is abundant proteins, opt for a meal that is rich in real animal protein. In fact, get food that features poultry, lamb, fish, and other real meats as the first ingredients. If possible, get a meal that contains real meat instead of meat by-products.

3. Free of artificial ingredients

Most cats tend to be sensitive to artificial ingredients. Such ingredients are not suitable for most pets since they are not easily digestible. To reduce regurgitation, get food that features low quantities of grains or grain-free meals. Also, opt for a diet that excludes preservatives, colors, fillers, additives, and flavors.

4. High moisture content

Although this is not a crucial feature, most cats regurgitate dry food as opposed to wet food. However, note that this doesn’t apply to all cats. Therefore, you might want to switch to wet food but in smaller portions to see if it works. If it doesn’t, get a way to have your cat slow down when eating since eating fast tends to increase the regurgitation problem.

5. A complete and balanced diet

The best cat food for regurgitation should be complete and balanced. Therefore, opt for food that integrates fruits, proteins, vegetables, and whole grains. Ensure that these are high-quality ingredients sourced from genuine farmers to eliminate the chances of getting food made using GMO products.

Top Ten Best Cat Food for Regurgitation Reviews

1. Lucy Pet Formulas for Life

Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Cat Food

Starting off this review, we have the Lucy Pet Formula Cat Food. It is a carefully formulated formula designed for digestive health, gut health, and sensitive stomachs. The number one ingredient of the food is Wild Alaskan Salmon. Salmon and Salmon’s oil are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, resulting in healthy skin and coat. Also, the food includes a chicken meal from the USA and chickpeas. These ingredients are rich in proteins, fibers, and starches for the overall wellbeing of pets.

To make the pet food suitable for picky cats, it includes delicious pumpkin, chicken fat, and Quinoa. Not only is the pumpkin a delicious nutritional powerhouse, but it contains protein and fiber that aids in healthy digestion. You can give this food to all breeds and cats of all life stages, thanks to the fact that every kibble is designed to offer the essential nutrients to enhance the health status of the pets.

What’s more, the food is suitable for the best cat food for digestion. The reason is the advanced P. B. F. Prebiotic Balanced Fiber (TM) that offers an optimal environment in the digestive tract so that the body can absorb nutrients more efficiently. Designed to boost the immune system, the food blends flaxseed, ground miscanthus grass, dried kelp, pumpkin, quinoa, and dried chicory root, chickpeas. These ingredients are rich in fiber, proteins, and carbohydrates for overall wellbeing.

What we liked

  • Grain-free formula.
  • Tasty cat food is suitable for picky cats.
  • No Salmon by-products and chicken by-products.
  • The food contains essential amino acids.
  • It doesn’t contain artificial flavors or coloring.

What we didn't like

  • The kibble sizes are too small for adult cats since they tend to swallow them without chewing.
  • The food is a little bit pricey.

2. Temptations Cat Treats Variety Packs 

100% nutritionally complete and balanced for adult cat

A perfect way to show your feline friend how much you care, whether you are rewarding them or treating them to something special lies in using Temptations Cat Treats Variety Packs. Each pack contains four 3-ounce flavors. These flavors comprise a creamy dairy flavor, Seafood medley flavor, tasty chicken flavor, and tempting tuna flavors. The flavors deliver a taste that cats crave to offer more excitement to the pets.

You can give the cat food to adult cats, thanks to the fact that the treats are 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for the maintenance of adult cats. Furthermore, the cat treats are low calorie and designed with a crunchy outside and creamy soft center. The crunchy texture helps to control the tartar while the soft inner feel attracts cats to feeding, given their love for the texture.

What we liked

  • The package contains a seal that helps to maintain fresh food after opening the top of the bags.
  • Affordable pet treats.
  • Addicting treats easily attract pets to feeding.
  • Four irresistible cat treats in one variety pack, makes it easy for cats to pick one that they love.

What we didn't like

  • Some of the bags are difficult to open.
  • No cheese or greenie flavor.


3. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Cat Food

 Blue wilderness high protein grain-free cat food

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Cat Food is a protein-rich and grain-free food designed to integrate more of the delicious meat that cats love. The food is a premium-quality one that contains fruits, real meat, and vegetables. To ensure that it incorporates carbohydrates, it includes peas and sweet potatoes that fuel the cat’s active lifestyle. Besides, the food contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These support the health of the skin and coat to enhance the good-looking status of the cats.

Made to attract cats to feeding on it, it is packed with more of the chicken that pets crave to help build and maintain the lean muscle mass. Also, the food includes a blend of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. These are carefully selected by animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians to support the life-stage requirements and the immune system while maintaining a healthy oxidative balance. The Cat Food doesn’t contain chicken by-products, wheat, soy, corn, preservatives, or artificial flavors, making it healthy when used on cats.

What we liked

  • A variety of flavors and size package options.
  • Reasonably-priced food.
  • It helps to stop vomiting.
  • The food is suitable for picky pets.

What we didn't like

  • The package bag is not durable.
  • It is not re-sealable.

4. Purina One dry cat food

    100% Complete & Balanced Nutrition For Cats

As one of the best Cat Food Brands, Purina ONE Adult Dry Cat Food comes in a 7Lbs package, but you can also obtain a 3.5lbs, 16lbs, or 22lbs package of the cat food. The food contains real chicken as the number ingredient. The chicken provides the essential proteins to support the strong muscles of the cats. Besides that, the food contains omega-6 fatty acids. These can nourish the skin and coat and maintain a healthy and radiant pet.

To help support the strong immune system of the cats, the food blends antioxidant-rich ingredients. Also, it features peas and real carrots to enhance the flavor of the food. Purina ONE Adult Dry Cat Food is suitable for adult cats, thanks to the 100% complete and balanced nutrition. The cat food doesn’t include preservatives, fillers, or artificial flavors, making it safe when fed to cats. Its kibbles feature a crunchy feel that helps to reduce plaque buildup while playing a role in the whitening of the teeth.

What we liked

  • The food comes in different flavors and size packages.
  • Grain-free formula.
  • The bag is thick to enhance strength.
  • Big kibble sizes require cats to chew before swallowing.

What we didn't like

  • The bag isn’t easy to open.
  • The second and third ingredients are not meat.


   Real Animal Protein, No Artificial Preservatives

If you are looking for the best kitten food that will promote the healthy development of your kittens, I would like to recommend Iams Proactive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food. Using it, kittens can grow into energetic, strong, healthy, and playful adults. Among the features that make this food effective at what it promotes is the real animal protein. Ideally, the food contains chicken as the first ingredient. The chicken helps kittens to develop and grow strong and lean muscles for healthy development into an adult cat. Also, it includes nutrients similar to those in a mother’s milk. These nutrients include Vitamin E that helps kittens to develop strong immune defenses.

Iams Proactive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food is an excellent choice for cat food that is safe to consume, thanks to the 100% complete and balanced ingredients with 0% fillers. Better, the food excludes artificial preservatives without wheat or synthetic dyes for the wellbeing of pets. The food features small kibbles designed for easy pickup by small mouths. Also, it includes taurine that promotes healthy eyes and strong vision development. With omega-6 as one of the key nutrients, the food can promote healthy skin and a glossy coat. And as one of the best cat foods to prevent vomiting, the food promotes healthy digestion and hairball control, while promoting proper weight control plus the urinary tract health.

What we liked

  • The food is highly palatable.
  • Small kibbles are easy to pick up.
  • Highly durable bag.
  • Fairly priced.

What we didn't like

  • Strong food smell.
  • No larger package than the 16lbs option.

6. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food

  Natural, Not Artificially Colored or Flavored

If you are looking for Vet-recommended cat food, I would like to recommend Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food. It is a highly-digestible food that ensures optimal nutrients’ absorption and easy stool pickup. Plus, the food plays a role in nourishing the cat’s skin. The reason is its natural ingredients that provide omega-6 and vitamin E to support a healthy fur and coat. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food features high-quality protein as the first ingredient.

Ideally, this food contains chicken as the first ingredient to promote healthier and lean muscles. Besides the real chicken, you can opt for salmon protein or lamb. Also, the food uses prebiotic fiber. The fiber fuels the cat’s beneficial gut bacteria to support a balanced microbiome that enhances the health of the cats. The food is safe to consume, thanks to the clinically-proven antioxidant benefits. Better, it doesn’t contain preservatives, artificial flavors, chicken by-products, or artificial colors to guarantee the safety of the cats.

What we liked

  • Grain-free.
  • The food promotes a shiny coat.
  • It helps to clear bloated stomachs.
  • Cats get used to it fast.

What we didn't like

  • Pricey.
  • Strong smell.

7. Halo Natural Dry Cat Food

Sensitive Stomach, Seafood Medley Flavor

If you are looking for the best digestive care cat food, Halo Natural Dry Cat Food is one of the best choices. It is designed to promote digestibility, thanks to the novel proteins and refined whole grains that support easy digestion. Additionally, the food contains whole whitefish, salmon, Dream coat-fatty acids, and non-GMO vegetables. These ingredients are an active source of Vitamin E and designed to support healthy skin and shiny coats.

What we liked

  • No meat meals of any kind.
  • The food comprises of whole lean meat proteins
  • It is suitable for picky cats.
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

What we didn't like

  • A little bit expensive.
  • Cats tend to swallow the small kibbles without chewing.
  • Limited package-size options.

8. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Dry Cat Food

    Natural Fiber for Healthy Digestion

Introducing Nutro Wholesome Essentials, Indoor and Sensitive Digestion Dry Cat Food, this is one of the best cat foods for digestive problems. It contains real chicken as the first ingredient. The ingredient is rich in nutrients and designed to promote healthier and leaner muscles, while enhancing the food’s flavor. Better, the food is fortified using essential nutrients such as taurine. Taurine supports the health of the heart, which makes the food suitable for use with aging cats.

The antioxidants in the food are another addition designed to enhance the immunity of the cats. Better, the food contains Omega-6 fatty acids from natural fats to promote healthy skin and a lustrous coat. You can get the food when looking for the best cat food for regurgitation that is safe to use, thanks to the high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted farmers and suppliers. These ingredients do not contain artificial preservatives, corn, flavors, colors, wheat, chicken by-products, or soy proteins, so that you can rest assured to give your cat a complete and nutritious meal.

What we liked

  • The food contains natural fiber to promote proper digestion.
  • Cats adapt to it fast.
  • Affordable prices.
  • The food results in shiny and soft fur.

What we didn't like

  • Quite pricey.
  • There is no bigger package than 14lbs.

9. Instinct Original Grain Free Natural Dry Cat Food

Grain-free, high protein raw coated kibble

This is a grain-free cat food specially made for cats prone to food sensitivity. The cat food contains 81% real animal ingredients and nutritious oils plus 19% fruits, vegetables, and other wholesome ingredients. As a result, it is one of the best choices for cat food that is easy to digest. Adding to that, it is made without soy, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, grain, wheat, corn, or potato to protect your cats from food sensitivity.

With responsibly-sourced cage-free chicken as the first ingredient, the food promotes the development of healthy and lean muscles. Better, it includes probiotics for healthy digestion and Omegas for healthy skin and coat. You can get the food for all cats, including kittens and indoor cats. The food’s kibbles are coated in 100% freeze-dried raw (made using real meat and whole food ingredients) for taste and nutrition. Integrated with antioxidants, the food promotes healthy skin and coat while enhancing the digestive health and immune health.

What we liked

  • Lots of flavor options.
  • A variety of package-size options.
  • Grain-free formula.
  • The cats love the taste and get used to the food fast.

What we didn't like

  • A little bit expensive.
  • The zipper seal is difficult to reseal.

10. Eagle Pack & Holistic Select Natural Canned Cat Food

Grain-Free, Premium Protein From Real Chicken & Lamb

Are you looking for the best cat food for cats who do not like to take water? If that’s the case, the Eagle Pack & Holistic Wet Cat Food can offer a healthy and delicious means to increase your cat’s moisture intake. It is a wet and grain-free cat food that comes in a canned package. The food is made using the finest natural ingredients, including premium protein from lamb and real chicken. It provides prebiotic support from chicory root extract to promote healthy digestion.

Complete and balanced, you can opt to use it as a topper or mixer with dry food. Besides, the cat food features botanicals, including papaya, pumpkin, and pomegranate. These ingredients offer natural fiber and digestive enzymes to promote whole-body health from within. The Eagle Pack & Holistic Wet Cat Food includes vegetables and fruits to support healthy digestion. On the other hand, it excludes corn, artificial colors, wheat, artificial flavors, soy, and artificial preservatives to protect your cats from food sensitivity.

What we liked

  • The food helps to reduce bloating and discomfort.
  • It is reasonably priced and affordable.
  • Grain-free.
  • The food results in a healthy and shiny coat.
  • It helps to reduce dander.

What we didn't like

  • The food emits a strong smell.
  • Difficult to reseal after opening.

 Alternatives to cat food for regurgitation

1. Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Thin Slices in Gravy Wet Cat Food

Highly digestible proteins & Specially         formulated nutrition

If you are looking for the best cat food to promote digestion in cats aged one year and above, I would recommend Royal Canin Digest Wet Cat Food. Using it, cats can maintain their ideal weight for better health and overall wellbeing. Besides, the food contains highly digestible proteins to promote better nutrient absorption and reduced odor of the stool.

 2. Purina Pro Plan Dry Cat Food

Adult Dry Cat Food for Sensitive Skin & Stomach

Another alternative to the best cat foods for regurgitation is Purina Pro Adult Dry Cat Food. It is 100% complete and balanced for adult cats. The food features carefully selected real lamb as the first ingredient. Also, it contains easily digestible rice and oatmeal, which are gentle on the cat’s digestive system. With natural prebiotic fiber, the food can promote the digestive health. Also, it includes antioxidants to support the immune system. And to enhance the nourishment of skin and a healthy coat, the food consists of vitamin A, Omega-6 fatty acids, and zinc.

3.Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Cat Food

  Grain & Gluten-Free, No Product Meal or Fillers

Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Cat Food takes the final position in our recommendations for the best alternative cat foods for regurgitation. It contains real farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient. The chicken provides essential nutrients to help cats maintain healthy organs and lean muscle. Also, it contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. With included beet pulp, the food is rich in wholesome fiber that provides prebiotics to maintain healthy digestion. Plus, it excludes by-product meals, ground corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, fillers, and artificial preservatives so that cats can easily digest it.

                              Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between vomiting and Regurgitation?

Vomiting involves expelling contents from the upper intestine or stomach. The food expelled via vomiting is usually partially digested and with an acidic PH. On the other hand, regurgitation involves expelling the contents of the esophagus. This food is not usually digested, while it has a more neutral PH than vomited food..

Q2. Which food shouldn’t I feed a cat with a sensitive stomach?

There are several foods that you shouldn’t feed a cat with a sensitive stomach. These foods include too much fat since fat requires large amounts of bile to emulsify it. Also, avoid many dairy products, beef, grains, and food with a lot of additives since such ingredients are not easily digestible.

Q3. Is it a good idea to feed a cat after vomiting?

Well, if your cat regurgitates occasionally, then this might not be something that you should worry about. However, if she does this frequently, you might want to visit a veterinarian. To make the right decision on whether you should feed her or not, give her some time so that the food can settle down. After giving her at least 30 to 45 minutes of relaxing, feed her a small amount of the best cat food for regurgitation. If vomiting doesn’t happen, then you can resume to normal feeding after some time.

Q4. What causes sensitivity in a cat’s stomach?

There are several reasons your cat can get a sensitive stomach, resulting in regurgitation. Such causes include food intolerances, taking too much water after eating, eating fast, food allergies, intestinal parasitism, eating a lot of food at once, a change in the diet, and feline hairballs.

Q5. Which other methods can ease the effects of a sensitive stomach?

Besides feeding your cat with the best cat food for regurgitation, you could apply other methods to reduce the effects of sensitive stomachs. Such practices include hydrating them with fresh water, mitigating factors that upset them or increase their stress, and reducing the number of treats you give them.

Q6. Is it normal for a cat to regurgitate every day?

No. Occasional vomiting can be fine, since this may occur as a result of eating fast or taking a lot of water after feeding. However, daily throw-ups aren’t normal, given that this might be as a result of an underlying stomach problem.


Your cat’s wellbeing and health is a vital part of keeping him happy and content each day. While there are lots of parts that determine the cat’s health, the total body health starts with the digestive health, which means that the stomach health is crucial to ensuring his/her wellbeing. If you have a cat who suffers from vomiting, regurgitation, or stomach upsets, I would recommend switching to the best cat foods for regurgitation reviewed above. These formulas are free of ingredients that upset the cat’s stomach and those that slow down digestion. Better, their first ingredients are real meat, which promotes better digestion and food absorption. So, give them a try, and if the problem continues, seek a Vet’s advice.