Are you planning to become an owner of a tortoiseshell cat? If yes, here are some of the most surprising facts, including the lifespan of a tortoiseshell cat that you should know.

Tortoiseshell has proved as one of the most magnificent companions to many of its owners. It’s the right decision that you are planning to own a tortoiseshell cat, and you will not regret your decision. Here are some of the fantastic facts about such cats.

Benefits of Keeping a Cat

You may not know that there are many hidden benefits of becoming a cat owner. Some of the major ones are –

Improve your health Conditions :

Many studies have proven that keeping cats reduces the risk of heart attacks as they keep you happy and comfortable with their playful nature. Owning a cat can reduce a 30% possibility of witnessing a heart disease. On the other hand, their purring sound is considered as the most comforting sounds that help to heal your bones and any of your muscles stress. The vibration of their purr varies around 20 to 140 Hz, and studies have proved that while exposing to such frequency can have positive effects on your joints and muscle injuries.

You Can Have a Sound Sleep :

Keeping cats with you can also provide you with a more profound and sound sleep (especially for ladies) other than your partner. A recent study from the Mayo Clinic Center has also proved that sleeping with your pet kitty leads to less disturbance in periods of sleep.

Reduces Your Anxiety and Stress :

We all live in such a busy world where we have to work hard to support oneself and our family. Keeping cats are found to reduce such stress, both mentally and physically. They can also survive well in low maintenance as compared to dogs that anyone can easily afford them. Witnessing your feline at the end of a day is just like meeting your family that gives a soothing effect.

Cats v/s Dogs :

In case you have any confusion, you may like to know that cats are affordable and are easy to care for instead of a dog. This does not mean that dogs are not good; it just that they require more attention than cats. One of the most advantages of keeping a cat is that they can easily adjust themselves in your homes without any outdoor needs.

While dogs need access to your garden or lawns, and it is also necessary for their health. Cats can relax near the window of your rooms and also remain happy on your terrace garden as well. On the other hand, cats are quieter than dogs, so you do not have to worry from your neighbors regarding their sounds. Even the kittens require less care than the puppies and are also safe to handle. Cats also keep pests away from your house, so your family also secure from such hazardous pest’s infections.

Characteristics of a Tortoiseshell Cat 

Cats have an unpredictable nature, among other pets. The same is the case with such tortoiseshell (or simply known as torties) cats. It is also true that no two torties show the same behavior. Many of their owners say they are quite energetic and playful, while others say they are calm and shy. Many of the tortoiseshell cats have a social nature, while some of them love to be alone. In case, you’re planning to buy such cats be ready with what you can get from them.

Their Appearance :

They usually have a three-colored pattern consisting of red-orange together with black and white. Sometimes, they have also found to be composed of a mixture of colors all over their body. However, a white streak on their fur near their belly area is quite common. Many cats also have a diluted color pattern that may appear slightly brown or grey or faded shades of orange and red. They are called tortoiseshell cats because the color pattern of their coat is also found on some species of tortoise.


Their Personality :

Many people believe that the temperament of the cat depends on their breed. Considering their personality, they are found to be unpredictable. Many of tortoiseshell cats show aggressive nature while others are calm. But the maximum of its owners says that they are probably the closest felines to them. These kitties are also stubborn and are independent. Maximum of tortoiseshell cats are hot-tempered together with high will power. They quickly get jealous of the other pets in the house.

Health :

In case you are worried about the lifespan of a tortoiseshell cat or tortoiseshell health problems, you do not have to worry much. They rarely suffer from any severe or genetically acquired diseases. They usually remain healthy and elegant if you take good care of them. Many such cats had lived for more than 17 years without any severe problems.

Females in Majority While Males are Rare :

These tortoiseshell cats are mostly females, and there is also a scientific reason behind this. The X chromosome is responsible for the color of their coats. That means they should have two X chromosomes to include their orange and black color, which are predominantly carried by females only. Only 1 in 3000 tortoiseshell cats are male, which is extremely rare. Due to this, a male tortoiseshell cat price is much higher than the females. Also, you must know the fact that males are mostly infertile as they possess an abnormal DNA pattern.

Beauty : 

They come in unusual and distinct color patterns from various other breeds of cats. This is why many of the owners want to own a tortoiseshell cat. They are indeed one of the best companions too. In case, you are planning to own a cat, why not give such a tortoiseshell cat a chance.

The color pattern of the cat has attracted many of the cat owners; even your neighbors will be attracted to their looks.

Not a Calico Cat :

Many cat owners confuse between Calicos and Tortoiseshell cats. For them, calico usually refers to a cat that has a tricolored fur that always includes white. While tortoiseshell coats are mostly based on two prominent colors that do not include white. You can witness the white colors in other forms such as grey or a mixture resembling color similar to salt and pepper.

Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Tortoiseshell cats

Apart from worrying about the lifespan of a tortoiseshell cat, let us see some of the facts that make them so much lovable, famous, and unique –

  • There are various color variations in their coats that can have to distinguish patterns
  • Some people also believe that they can see future
  • They are considered as a charm
  • People from some parts of Southeast Asia think tortoiseshell cats as their Goddess
  • There is also a butterfly named Tortoiseshell
  • Many tortoiseshell cats can even possess a single color
  • Their colors are genetic
  • The name of the cat “Tortoiseshell,” actually came from turtles, and not the tortoise
  • They are quite energetic and never quits.
  • Many people believe they are magical and lucky too.
  • The length of the hairs of the tortoiseshell cats can vary according to their breed

Some Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s) You May Have

Q1: Do tortoiseshell cats have health problems?

Ans: Since tortoiseshell cats do not fall in the category of a particular breed. They do not witness any health issues that can be serious. But they may witness normal health problems similar to other cats.

Q2: How long does a tortoiseshell cats normally live?

Ans: The life span of tortoiseshell cats is about 10-15 years. However, the factors also depend on their breed and their upbringing too. There are also such tortoiseshell cats that have even lived for 20 years.

Q3: How much is the cost of tortoiseshell cats?

Ans: A good looking and healthy tortoiseshell cat can cost you around $1000 to $2000. The price also depends on the place where you are planning to buy them. Note that the rates also depend on their breed, a pure breed can cost you even higher than this.

Q4: Why are these tortoiseshell cats mean in their behavior?

Ans: It’s their nature to show such temperament. Tortoiseshell cats are considered to have a strong will and hot-tempered. Many people believe it’s due to the color of their coats.

Q5: Are tortoiseshell cats talkative or calm in character?

Ans: No, it is not wholly accurate that such cats are considered as talkative. But many of the experts have witnessed that a particular color variation of the tortoiseshell cats is more talkative than the others. For example, Siamese is not loud but talkative, while others can be loud but remain silent most of the time.

Q6: Are tortoiseshell cats more aggressive than other breeds of cat?

Ans: Yes, they are a little bit aggressive as compared to other breeds of cats. Many of the tortoiseshell cat owners witness their chasing, biting, and scratches regularly.

Final Thought

Finally, you must have understood that tortoiseshell cats are amazing. They also possess a beautiful fur with an attractive pattern. They may show a bit of their attitude, but on the whole, they are fun to play with. They can also sometimes try to dominate your other pets or even play with them.

You may also be aware of the lifespan of a tortoiseshell cat, including their temperament. I hope this article has given you enough knowledge of these amazingly beautiful cats.