The day when you observe your lovely cat loses balance back legs, she’s not able to walk, jump. Make sure that you have to visit a vet as early as possible. Such conditions may arise due to various serious factors and that is not going to cure by itself.

There can be several problems that your lovely cat might be facing in such conditions. Let us pick on some major factors that cause the cat loses balance back legs in detail.

Major Factors that Cause the cat loses balance back legs

1. Diabetic Neuropathy

In case your cat is suffering from diabetic neuropathy you might observe her hind legs getting increasingly damaged day by day. In such conditions, the tarsal joints and the nerves in your cats start to deteriorate. Thus, your kitty may witness an enormous pain and weakness in its body.

In such a condition, you can easily observe that your cat walking on their hocks or heels. She won’t be able to jump on their own wish and lose the ability to walk. Such a condition is caught in an early stage can be treated well.

2. Degenerative Joint Disease (DjD)

These are the symptoms that lie when your cats pass through older age. In such cases, their joints are flamed and may witness arthritis. Lameness in your pet kitty is also a common sign of DjD. Your cat might witness difficulties in performing their daily tasks such as jumping and accessing to the litter box.

Degenerative joint disease can be idiopathic but it can also be an effect of trauma and abnormal dysfunction of the joints. Obesity is usually considered as the main factor in such cases. DjD’s are easy to cure if managed with regular anti-inflammatory drugs in assistance with physical therapy if taken good care.

3.  Infectious Diseases

Your lovely kitty is likely to be attacked by several infections including viral, bacterial, parasitic, and fungal. Many of such conditions cause problems when a cat loses balance back legs. Spinal pain and partial paralysis in two or four legs are the most common symptoms in this kind of illness.

The feline leukemia virus that can cause nerve damage may cause problems in the rear legs of your cats. The rabies virus can also present in such cats that affect their spinal cord thus causing problems in reflexes and mobility of your cat.

What causes weakness in cats back legs?

Whether your lovely kitty seems healthy and energetic. But her rear leg weakness is not normal. It is necessary to take the matter seriously. There are many of the serious reasons that your lovely kitty might be facing. If the conditions worsen you can also notice your cat back legs not working at all.

Hip Dysplasia :

Many of the unfortunate kitties often suffer from hip dysplasia. The symptoms are easily seen with the weakness in their rear legs. They also witness difficulties in standing up, especially after taking a deep restful nap. This disease is often found as genetic and is usually common in many breeds.

Arthritis :

Many of your lovely felines have to deal with the condition of Arthritis. It is a painful condition that targets the joints of your kitty. If not treated at the early stage the conditions worsen over time. Arthritis usually targets the rear legs of the cats. In such cases, your kitty might refuse to climb the stairs and try to remain in a rest position.

Diabetes :

They are not new to any human. We all know the symptoms of diabetes that include the urge to urinate, laziness, and unusual gaining of weight. If your kitty is attacked by diabetes the nerves that go to the legs in your kitty become damaged. She will witness pain and numbness in that area. So, getting her diabetes in control can be a suitable step.

Blood clot :

This is one of the rarest but still possible. There might be dysfunction in the working of your cat’s heart due to blockage in the arteries and thus disturbing the supply of the blood in your kitties’ hind legs. She might feel the pain and such matters are quite serious.

Paralyses :

General symptoms of paralysis can be :

  • Loss in the movement of the cats
  • Inability to feel the legs
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of pain response in the limb area

Make sure that you never make an assumption about the problem that is going on with your pet. Try to make an appointment with your vet for their expert advice.

Why is my cat sometimes unsteady on her feet?

The scene where your lovely cat is not steady might be worth watching and may look funny. But it is not a joke to some extent. The problem they face in balancing themselves could be their ear infection such as ataxia or a genetic disorder.

Here are some symptoms that you can not ignore in your cats –

  • Trouble in standing
  • Falling repeatedly
  • Inability to walk
  • Moving in a circle, with no definite reasons
  • Rolling on the floor
  • Avoiding walking/run
  • Vomiting and lack of appetite

Why Cats fell over :

They may be suffering from a condition similar to cerebral palsy in humans. Many of the kittens are born with such conditions because their mothers were exposed to distemper while they were pregnant. The condition causes problems in the development of their cerebellum, which gives them balance. Malnutrition or poisoning in the available food can also cause such cases.

There can be other severe conditions like tumors in the ear canal or some sort of neurological disorder. Injuries in the spinal cord or cancer can also be one of the important reasons. So, if you observe your cat loses balance back legs, find a solution as quickly as possible

Cures for Such Cats :

You may be frustrated with the activities of your cat. You may also feel pain with their problems. If the problem is ataxia- an ear infection, it can be cured easily. They just need your love, medical attention, and proper nutrition. Meeting vets and asking for their expert solutions are helpful in such cases.

How long does vestibular disease last in cats?

Vestibular diseases in cats are the results of problems within the vestibular apparatus inside the ear of your kitty. This apparatus helps in giving coordination and balance to your cat. As a result, your cat losing control of back legs. 

Symptoms :

The vestibular disease is not such a life-threatening disease, but utter care is essential. But the cure has to plan at an early stage to avoid serious conditions.

The common symptoms are –

  • Loss in control of movement in your cats
  • Tilting of head
  • Vomiting
  • Irregular eye movement
  • Drooping of the face

Recovery is possible within 3 weeks if your cat is diagnosed at an early stage. Always follow the instruction of your vet carefully in such cases.

Symptoms you can witness if your cat has mobility issues

If you are worried about changes in the behavior of your cat and observe changes in their physical and mental health.

Here are some of the simple key factors that you need to observe in the behavior of your kitty.

  • Changes in grooming patterns
  • Sleepiness
  • Increase in aggression along with biting and scratching
  • Shallow breathing
  • Difficulties or avoiding the passage with stairs
  • Dilated pupils
  • Not willing to jump or play with you

Mobility Loss Solution for Such Cats

If your cat has such a mobility issue you can use the options of a cat wheelchair. A rear wheelchair is one of the perfect solutions for the cats who have problems with their back legs. The wheelchair supports the hind area of your cat to help them to get around in an easy manner.

The key to using a wheelchair for your cat is patience and letting your feline take its own time to realize the importance of the wheelchair. 

What are the symptoms of a cat dying?

It is never easy to face the reality that our lovely kitty is going to leave us forever. The average of the indoor pet cats can live for about 20-25 years.

Symptoms of Cat Dying :

There are many of the symptoms that can make you an easy guess that your cat is about to die. Some important ones are as follows –

  • Loss of thirst and appetite
  • Extreme weakness
  • Changes in appearance
  • Comparatively lower body temperature
  • Hiding from you and others 
  • Changes in behavior

The Final Verdict

Finally, the illness of the cat has to be diagnosed at an early stage. Many of the cat lovers wail too long before planning to take an expert opinion. The results cause suffering in pets and a high financial cost. The results in such late cases are also not up to the mark.

There is much more to learn apart from the above scenario. Problems with cats losing balance back legs can easily be seen on your kitty’s face. If you understand the pain of feline and its illness symptoms at an early stage, you and your cat are way ahead of the game.