Are you planning to buy such a calico cat? You may have also heard about the truth that it is difficult to find a male calico cat. You must also be wondering about how much are male calico cats worth? And also, what the reason behind what makes a male calico cat rare?

These are probably some of the questions related to the calico cat in your mind. Let us discuss all such issues together with exploring the magic and beauty of this beautiful breed of cat.

Some Interesting Facts About Calico Cats :

We all know that cats are one of the most popular pets for Americans. They are lovable, sweet, and playful. They add lives to our home, and about a million people own them throughout the world.

Similar to dogs, cats also come in a variety of f breeds and different beautiful colors. The color pattern on their furs categorizes them by their names such as Calico, tabby, or tortoiseshell. A calico tabby is a type of color that the cat is born with. It is one of the beautiful and rarest among others. Here are some more interesting facts you would like to know about Calico cats.

#1 Mostly Females           

The black together with orange patches that you might have noticed in the cats are always found on the X- chromosomes in cats. You may have seen plenty of such cats. This particular gen is found in females, which is the same as in humans. Females cats have X chromosomes while the male has one X and one Y chromosome. Just due to X chromosome cat possess this black or orange color on its fur, but not both. This is why it is difficult to find a male calico cat.

But it’s wrong to say that a male calico cat does not exist. They do exist when a particular disorder called Klinefelter’s syndrome, which provides them with an extra X chromosome, thus makes a total of two X and a Y, but such cats are unfortunately sterile.

In case you wonder how much are male calico cats worth, It depends on the location you live. A female calico cat is readily available but can cost you more than $2000-$3000. While male cats due to shortage can be even more.

#2 Brings Good Charm

After knowing, how much are male calico cats worth, perhaps you may now be thinking that what makes people buy them readily. One of the main reasons for this is they are considered to bring luck and happiness to the people of Japan. A person who owns them believes that such cats can save them from any sort of evil spells and will make his life happier. Sailors often take such cats to prevent any unfortunate events during their journey.

#3 it’s a Maryland’s State Cat

Do you know that Calico tabby is the state cat of the amazingly popular place, Maryland, it is so chosen due to its particular orange and black color? Even the baseball fans follow that specific color in their uniforms.

#4 Belongs to “Tortoiseshell” Family of Cats           

Tortoiseshell cats are the mixture of red and black coloring, but in case the same pattern of color is followed with the white one, it is called calico. The tabby cat posses the patches of the color red, black along with unique stripes of white color on his forehead in the “M” shape pattern. They undoubtedly possess the most beautiful color pattern than any of the other breeds of cat.

#5 They Are Lucky a Brave Too

Once, a Particular calico cat saved a Railway station of Japan from shutting down. The incident happened in the year 2007 when a train station named Kinokawa was planned by the higher authorities to shut down due to some budget issues. It was their last attempt to send this calico co as to greet the passengers that passed by the station. Everyone was surprised to know that the particular Calico cat becomes a celebrity there and drove nearly 17% of excess passengers in the station traffic. Thus, the closing of the station was canceled, the charm of the Calico cat was indeed proved to be true.

#6 They are Found Everywhere  

No matter everyone says that Calico breeds of cats are rarely seen, they are everywhere. There were traces that these cats had been migrating along with the areas in Northern America and European countries; even they are known to be evolved in the country of Egypt. They are yet found in many cities of France, Italy, Spain, and the Mediterranean regions too.

#7 You Cannot Breed Them

It’s nearly impossible to breed calico cats because they are usually born through rare instances. They do not fall into the category of the engineered genetic breed. Due to these reasons, they are people considered them lucky if they see them. Some people also say that they are magical cats due to the presence of three types of prominent colors on their furs.

#8 They can Cure Warts

We do not know it’s a truth or just a rumor, but many people believe that such cats can even cure disease named warts. It is believed that rubbing warts affected areas against their tail can cure it.

Some Important Tips If You Own Calico Cat 

Now that you have bought a lovely calico cat in your home, here are a few tips that might help you know them in a better way –

Give Them Their Own Space :

The Calico cat is often known for its particular personality traits. They are usually full of attitude and require their personal space.

If it’s male Calico :     

In case you somehow manage to own a male calico, be sure to keep yourself ready with frequent appointments from your vet. Male calico cats can easily witness many serious diseases even if you take well care of them, its in their genes. They are prone to various problems in their organs and can also witness brain hemorrhage as well. Many of them also lived longer; it was just their luck and the love they receive from their owners.

Don’t Believe Their Attitude :

Do not ever take the calico cat attitude for granted. There is plenty of Calico cats that are pleasant, lovely, and friendly like other normal cats. So, do not change your decision regarding owning such Calico cats only for a problem in their attitudes.

They Are the Best and Coolest One :

They are the best companion and come in wonderful color patterns. They are believed to bring us positive luck and can also protect from evil spirits. So, if you’re planning to own such cats, you can be one of their lucky owners.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s) You May Have

Q1: How rare is a male calico cat?

Ans: You may be surprised to know that only one out of 3000 cats are male. This happens due to their genes. The combination of chromosomes between the male and female cat rarely produces a male cat and usually produces a female.

Q2: How much do male calico cats actually cost?

Ans: Generally, the cost of male calico cats starts at $2000. It can even vary according to the place you belong to. Remember the price also differ on the fact that whether it’s of the pure or random breed. You should be clear that all the male calico cats cannot produce offspring and are likely to have many health issues related to the failure of their organs or brain damage.

Q3: Is it possible to have a male calico cat?

Ans: Yes, it is possible that you can have a male calico cat. The only struggle you have to make is to find one as they are rarely available due to their genetic reasons. The Particular syndrome known as Klinefelter’s syndrome can only produce a male cat.

Q4: What is the life span of calico cat?

Ans: Many of the experts say that calico cats can live for 15 years or above depending on their health conditions. Some cats die at an early stage due to various health issues. The male calico cat lives for a lesser time as they do suffer from many health problems that are difficult to cure.

Q5: What is the rarest color of cat?

Ans: Lavender or Lilac, the shade might change according to their location, but that is not purple is the rarest color of the cat. The color looks like a dilution of chocolate and also gives a glimpse of black color.

Q6: Are calico tabby cats rare?

Ans: You should be aware of the fact that if a person says calico or tabby cat, it’s not the breed it just represents the color pattern on their fur. A female calico cat is readily available while it’s hard to find a male calico tabby cat. You should also be aware of the fact that getting a fertile male calico tabby cat is next to impossible.

The Final Words

I hope that you are well aware of this specific breed of cats called calico. You may now also be aware of how much are male calico cats worth and the reasons for the same. Apart from this the cat is beautiful and brings good luck charm in your house.

So, if you are attracted to this particular breed of cat buy them and fill the space of your home with this lovely cat.