Yorkies are the most lovable pups and are famous due to their small structure. The growth of these pups is also rapid during the early stages of their life. These are the reasons why wondered about when do Yorkies stop growing?

You should also know the fact a full-grown adult merely has a shoulder height of nearly eight to nine inches. Let us discuss some more facts related to this breed of dogs.

About Yorkies

Yorkies are small breeds of dog originated from Yorkshire, England. They are known for their vibrant colors and playful tendency and also for their long and beautiful hair. Yorkies do not weight more than seven pounds, and their growth stage is also similar to other breeds of dogs.

Like the moment a Yorkie is born, they remain attached to their mother for two weeks. During this period, they also develop their sense of taste, smell, and touch. As they grew bigger, the siblings become more influential on their mother, and after five weeks, their barking and walking start. You can separate them from their mother after Yorkies attain eight weeks of their age.

Development Cycle of Yorkies

In order to understand such pups in a better way, you should understand the Yorkie growth stages. Many Experts have determined that there are four stages of Yorkies that cover their life span. Apart from this, a certain outside factor can also affect their growth stages.

Suckling :

Suckling stage starts as soon as the puppy is born. And it lasts for nearly six to seven weeks from their birth. During this time, the puppy opens its eyes and also learns to walk. During this stage, they grow rapidly and usually weigh 0.14kg.

Puppies :

This stage is defined when the puppy attains six to seven weeks of age. In this stage, your canine will develop its personality and will explore the places and people around them. It is the best stage to train your puppy as they are more capable of learning new things. In terms of size, they weight around 1.13kg in this stage.

Youngster :

In this stage, they are finally considered as youngsters and start to show their Yorkie traits. Their hair will grow longer, and they become quite energetic. Their weight also doubles and is nearly 2.04kg.

Young Dogs :

You can consider them as an adult in this stage. But that does not mean that they will stop growing after this stage. Their development stage exceeds two and a half years more. During this time, their weight tends to increase gradually, but the growth rate will be slower, which cannot be noticed easily.

Adult Dog :

Now, if you want to answer regarding when do Yorkies stop growing, this is the particular stage when Yorkies can be considered as fully grown. They attain the age of 4 years and weigh approximately 3.17kg. This is also the exact time when Yorkies’ height ceases to increase and remains the same throughout their life. Apart from this, they may also change in size. Due to their increasing weight, but if you measure their height, it will always be the same.

It is also recommended to follow a strict diet plan to keep them healthy as such dogs are prone to show fluctuation in weights if you do not take care of their diet and exercise.

Other Factors Regarding when do Yorkies stop growing

Other factors that you can consider regarding what age do Yorkies stop growing depends on the development paths that these puppies follow. Several other factors are –

Genetics :

Similar to humans, genetics play a vital role in the growth of dogs. If you have received a dog from a breeder, you can get some information about their parents. By comparing the weight and height of the parents, you can easily guess how things will go in your puppy. Genetics can also affect dogs in other ways; some of the genes are way stronger than the others. Your pup can pick from traits from either its father, mother, or both.

Diet :

Eating habits of the pups also plays a vital role in their growth. Altering their diet can also affect their growth, bone development, and several internal factors. It is good always to feed your Yorkie with high quality and sufficient food. Dogs should receive a balanced diet at every stage of their growth. Such an essential ingredient helps them to grow faster and keeps them healthy. A dog’s diet should be rich in protein, especially when they are young. Apart from proteins, they may also need vitamins, calcium, minerals, and fibers.

Providing them with healthy food will keep them active together with strong bones and beautiful hair. Remember that too much diet can also hamper the growth of the dog and can even make them sick and inactive. An overweight Yorkie is more prone to health problems. Their bones can even shrink due to an increase in their body weight.

Exercise :

Exercise is essential for any breed of dog. As Yorkies have a considerable amount of energy in them, they likely to stay active and play throughout the day. It is also necessary for you to take part in helping them in their exercises by taking them for a 30minutes walk every day. By this, they can expend their energy and can develop important muscles in their body. Regular exercise will keep them healthy and in shape and free from sickness.

Medical Conditions : 

If you ever noticed that your Yorkie is gaining height even after for years, perhaps they may be suffering from a disease called acromegaly. Such dogs have problems in their pituitary gland as the gland release too many hormones causing them to grow beyond their regular size. It is good to take them to your vet in case you notice such problems in them. The veterinarian will predict the symptoms and can diagnose your dog accordingly.

Cases with Senior Yorkies :

Once your dog becomes senior, all their physical growth will stop. Especially in the case of Yorkies, the age lies between 8 to 10 years. A senior dog can easily be recognized by its deteriorating health and may experience medical complications and become inactive. The best way is to change their diet plan when you observe such symptoms in them.

Taking Care of Yorkshire

As soon as you brought a lovely Yorkshire in your home plan to keep them fit by setting up your daily routine. Here are a few essential tips that you may like-

  • Create a fixed space for your Yorkie, where they like to rest throughout the day even if you are not at home.
  • Offer them with a balanced meal and make sure to provide them with adequate water from time to time.
  • Groom your dog regularly, which includes bathing, brushing up their coat hairs, trimming of their nails, and taking care of their dental health.
  • Help your Yorkie, so they meet their daily exercise requirements and keep them engage in many fun-filled activities that keep them active.
  • Keep your Yorkies safe from issues that commonly affect such small breeds of dog
  • Provide them all the necessary care elements, either weekly or monthly. This may include protection of their paws, grooming touch-ups, tick and flea repellents, and from any other problems.
  • Keep them both physically and mentally fit; you can consult your vet for the same.
  • Keep them safe from chewing any unnecessary products of your household.

Apart from the above, make sure that you do not allow your puppy to jump from heights as any wrong landing can seriously affect their bones and joints. Such smaller dogs easily get prone to a disease called Patella Luxicatio. The safest height of from which your Yorkie can jump is nearly 2 to 3 times the height of your Yorkie. You can also offer them some safe or soft stands in their landing position to provide them with a safer landing position.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (Faq’s) You May Have

Q1: How big do Yorkies get full grown?

Ans: A Yorkie is called fully grown when they attain the age of 4.

Q2: How much will my Yorkie weigh full grown?

Ans: A full-grown Yorkie will weigh around six and a half pounds or 3.17 kg.

Q3: Is my Yorkie full-grown at six months?

Ans: No, Yorkie is called full-grown when their age reaches up to 4 and weighing around 3.17kg.

Q4: Do all Yorkies change color?

Ans: Yorkies do not get a drastic color change, but they do get darker shades of gold or tan instead of black when they reach their maturity.

Q5: What age is considered old for a Yorkie?

Ans: There is not a defined age when a Yorkie is considered older; similar to other breeds of dogs, their age of getting old lies between 8 to 10 years of age.

Q6: Do Yorkies like to cuddle?

Ans: Yes, Yorkies do like to cuddle.

The Final Verdict

Finally, I hope that you are well familiar with when do Yorkies stop growing. You are also clear about all the factors that can affect their growth and weight.

All you have to do is to make sure that you follow a strict diet plan together with regular exercise. This will ensure that your dog is healthy, playful, and energetic.