We all know the role water plays in the diet of our dog. There are many reasons behind this,  some of the major ones are it helps in digestion and increases appetite. It also helps in preventing your dog from various health hazards. Reading this you might be thinking about how to make a dog water bottle stand for your pet dog so that your friend can have easy access to water whenever he/she desires.

Keeping an ideal water stand and maintain constant water supply for pets is the best way in cases when you tend to forget providing water to them. Here are some of the advantages of using a water bottle stand for your dogs.

Advantages of Using Water Bottle Stand For Dogs

  • You can monitor the fluid intake of your dog easily
  • It ensures that your pet is drinking clean water
  • Keeps your dog hydrated throughout the day
  • Safer than bowls in which dogs tend to drink the contaminated water of its own

So, without wasting much time let us discuss some of the quickest and easiest procedures about how to make a dog water bottle stand at home.

How to Make a Dog Water Bottle Stand – Easily and Quickly


You may need :

  • Water dispenser bottle
  • Tray
  • Silicone- all-purpose
  • Knife
  • 2 empty beverage bottle(pop)
  • Pen
  • Drill machine
  • Hacksaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Scissors

Procedure :

  1. Take one plastic beverage bottle and cut nearly one-eighth of its part from the top. Make sure that the cap of the bottle is closed while cutting as it will act as a seal of the dispenser bottle.
  2. Now attach this cut part of the beverage bottle on the mouth of the dispenser bottle with its cap facing downwards.
  3. Mark the point that perfectly matches with the open area of the dispenser and cut it carefully with the help of scissors.
  4. Now with the remaining piece of the beverage bottle close dispenser bottle’s opening, facing the lid upwards. Now with the help of silicone, seal the area perfectly to make the seal secure.
  5. Then slip the pop bottle piece into the silicone. When it is completely in adjusting the piece to seal it in a suitable position. Use the extra silicone left on the sides to seal the area perfectly.

6. Now take the second bottle and cut it from its collar neck with the help of a hack saw. Make its area smooth by using your sandpaper so that it is easily matched with the area of the dispenser bottle.

7. By using the remaining piece of the bottle mark the points into the bottom area of the dispenser bottle to make sure where the piece will actually go.

8. After this drill center of your marked area with the help of the drilling machine. Then with the help of silicone fix the piece of the bottle into the bottom of the dispenser.

Once you are done allow 24 hours for the silicone to settle perfectly. Then by using the top opening fill the bottle with water. After that, place it into the tray and open the cap present on the base of the dispenser. You will observe that the water will be filled in the tray to a level where the level of the water equals to one of the openings. Hence your dog water bottle stand is ready to use.


Still have doubts about how to make a dog water bottle stand, try this second method.

You May Need :

  • Screws
  • One 2-liter bottle (pop) in the shape of an hourglass
  • PVC coupler of about 4 inches
  • Bowl
  • Drill machine
  • Sandpaper (wood)
  • Rectangular wooden piece for stand
  • A large piece of plywood
  • A jigsaw

Procedure :

  1. Make the plywood piece ready according to the space that your dog will need. Marked the corners perfectly, smooth the surface to make a relaxed paw-friendly area by using PVC coupler and sandpaper.
  2. Now take the rectangular wooden piece as a stand and smoothen it to be safe for your pet to stand on it.
  3. After that, using the drill machine drill two holes in the base, so that you will feel easy to assemble the remaining parts. Then use two screws to attach the plywood base and the plank
  4. Now with the help of a marker, mark two points about 1 inch apart using the hacksaw. Then with the help of sandpaper smooth the surface.
  5. Now mark two points where you want to attach the coupler points to link together with the plywood stand to provide stability. Then drill it accordingly.
  6. Once all the things are perfect use the leftover screws to fix the wooden stand and the coupler firmly
  7. Now hold the water-filled bottle and slide it into the coupler facing upside down, remember that the part consisting of the hourglass area of the bottle should lie exactly in the middle of the coupler.
  8. Finally, adjust the bowl in the center of the stand such that it faces directly beneath the mouth of the adjusted bottle. Now remove the cap of the bottle and let the water drain into the bowl. You may observe that the water in the bottle will stop draining as soon as it is in level with the bowl’s mouth.

If it works well, your dog water stand is ready to use.

Disadvantages of Using Water bottles for Dogs

Using nozzles are not completely the best choice for your dogs. Sometimes dogs need water in large amounts especially after running which the nozzles cannot provide. The nozzles become dry and unhygienic after few days.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) You May Have 

How do I get my dog to drink from a water bottle?

Teaching the art so that your dog drink water from a water bottle is fun and an exciting moment.  Some of the dog’s drink water naturally while others have to be encouraged to do so. One of the best ways is by using an adaptor.

Through an Adapter :

It is one of the easiest and proven ways to teach your dog to drink water from the bottle. The concept that lies within is simple, as the water only flows out from the bottle when your dog moves the ball towards the center of the adapter with the help of his tongue. Also, the flow of water can be adjusted according to your dog’s needs.  The main advantages of using such an adapter are –

  • It is easily adjusted on all standard size of water bottles
  • You can easily maintain the flow of water
  • Your dog can adjust the intake of water through their tongue by just rolling the ball

How do dog water bottles work?

Many of the dog owners usually doubt that do the dogs able to drink from their bottles. The answer to this question is yes, they can. Every water bottle is equipped with a vacuum valve. The vacuum helps the little metal ball to pass a limited supply of water towards the end of the tube. The ball also serves as an opening and closing of the straw accordingly.

Procedure to Set Such Water Bottles :
  • Fill the bottle so that there is no room for the air inside the bottle
  • Then replace the seal and tap the ball 2-3 times to remove the remaining water
  • Finally, place the bottle at a height with the level similar to your dog’s mouth to make them comfortable to use.

Just remember to change the water regularly and clean the metal tube daily to avoid contamination of water.

How does gravity waterer work?

You can use the natural law of gravity also to quench the thirst of your lovely dog. The main scientific theory that lies within is that, when the water in the bottle is in an upside-down position, gravity and the vacuum acts to fill the glass as soon as the spigot is pressed. Pressing the spigot allows air to enter inside causing the inside water to escape. 

Advantages of Using Gravity Waterer for Your Dog :
  • They use the concept of gravity and hence can fill themselves automatically
  • Made of strong durable plastic that is life-long and easy to clean
  • They are portable and easy to grab to move around anywhere if needed.

Is it possible for dogs to drink from a water bottle?

The normal bottles that we use to drink water cannot be used by the dogs much efficiently. Their style of drinking is different from ours. However, dogs can easily drink water from the water bottle if you attach a nozzle on the top of the bottle. The nozzle gives a limited amount of supply to water thus enabling them to drink well. Remember to consider the below mention factors if you are using a water bottle for dogs –

  • Is he comfortable?
  • Should able to quench his thirst properly.


As we all know the role water plays in the health of our dogs. It is a necessity that your dog is hydrated all day long. Planning an efficient water fountain or similar source can be of great help to you. If such a source is automatic that can give you relaxation from the stress of filling up the water now and then as well.

Many of the readymade and fancy bottle stand or fountains are available for dogs in the market. You can choose any one of them according to your needs. I hope this article has provided you a rough but slight idea about how to make a dog water bottle stand at homes.